It’s never too late to teach ourselves!

Love your inner child!

It’s never too late to teach all the good things to our spirits if we didn’t have an ideal childhood!

I used to read this poem and feel sad that I didn’t have the kind of childhood to learn the positive things but now when I read it I smile, because I realize I’ve taken the time over the years to teach my spirit to feel good!

There’s certain times of the year where the messages of good cheer and sappy movies can make a person feel sad and lonely, but remember, those feelings are based on looking sadly at a past which wasn’t happy.

We each have the power to create a new reality for ourselves which doesn’t have to be related to our pasts. We can create a wonderful new reality for ourselves!

Start by speaking kind words to yourself! Practice accepting who you are right now and give yourself space to grow!

We’re all a work in progress!

Even if we started life further behind than others, that doesn’t decide our outcome!

We all have the delicious power to speak to ourselves in positive and uplifting ways. We all have this power!

It just takes some practice!!


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