Just let it go. Your mind can only take so much.

Stop letting it bother you, just let it go. Your mind can only take so much.

Years ago I learned I needed to heal and to let go, that I had suffered too much.

When we go through very difficult times, we try to make our lives as normal as possible, so we won’t feel our pain continuously. This results in us feeling that living life in constant pain is normal.

We normalize the pain so it becomes a companion, part of our identity.

When the pain becomes part of our identity it’s hard to let go, because we fear, who are we without our pain? Who are we without our suffering?

Today when I was out walking, I heard a very grown-up 6 year old asking her father very sincerely, “How do people get fears in them?”

She hasn’t lived long enough to either learn firsthand or by observation, how our sufferings we have gone through become the paving stones for our fears, for we wish to prevent any more sufferings from happening.

Our fears once laid, make it difficult to veer from a course we fear has been set into our lives. We fear letting go, yet that may be exactly what we need!

As much as we fear letting go, almost counter intuitively, letting go of our fears is the first step in letting go of our pain, our guilt, our anger, our anxiety and all the negativity we’ve been building and harboring in our spirits!

How does one let go of fears, which have stood their test of time?

For me the first step was learning that the nature of God and the universe is love, not anger or destruction or judgement or correction. Love. That we’re all loved and cherished. That the universe has our backs, because it wants us to succeed!

I figured that if the universe wants us to succeed, then there must be something better for us than holding onto all those heavy emotional burdens which are shackles.

The second step was teaching myself to like myself so that I could believe that healing was truly something I deserved, because I was sick and tired of living with the anxiety and depression.

Healing works best when we release the pain and don’t actively hold onto it. We know we’re healing and healed when we no longer hold the identity of the pain and when it no longer controls us.


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