Brain Rewiring

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“Your brain will constantly rewire itself to suit the information that you feed into it.

If you constantly complain, gossip, find excuses, etc., it will make it much easier to find things to be upset about, regardless of what is happening around you.

Likewise, if you constantly search for opportunities. abundance, love, and things to be grateful for, it will make it much easier to find a reflection of those things around you.

It takes practice, but over time, this is a very powerful way to reshape reality.”

Technical stuff:

Scientifically, “Neural Pathway” is the term used for the “wiring” in our brains.

When we consider that our brain creates Neural Pathways with each thought we make, and when we repetitively have the same thoughts, our Neural Pathways overlay each other to form a “roadway system”, which then become our quick “go-to’s” allowing us to perform actions without needing to constantly think through each step.

For example, when we brush our teeth often enough, we can properly complete this task no matter how sleepy we might feel, because we go into “automatic pilot”.

Repetitive actions and repetitive thoughts become more and more ingrained in our brains, even creating habits.

Habits we consider to be unproductive, even hurtful to ourselves, we’ll label them “bad”, while those which are helpful to our lives we’ll call “good”.

When we remove the labels, we see these habits are simply the accumulation of repetitive actions and thoughts, creating very strong Neural Pathways!

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Changing a “bad” habit

As we all know, trying to stop a “bad” habit is very challenging, especially if it’s very ingrained.

When we give it a few tries, we start to get very down on ourselves, figuring that we’ve failed, or it’s just something beyond our capabilities.

The trick to changing a “bad” habit is not to do battle with it!

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That actually will reinforce another “bad” habit of speaking negatively towards yourself!

Remember, that “bad” habit got started and ingrained through repetition!

What if you were to try something different?

What if you were to practice speaking nicely to yourself, with kind words and encouragement?

Then, practice a new positive action.

For example, if you regularly reach for unhealthy foods and eat portions which are too large, you can change that habit by shopping and preparing some delicious and healthy foods, of which you serve yourself a saner portion size!

A Secret Ingredient to change:

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I have found that when I’m looking to implement a new, healthier action in my life, that frequently speaking kindly and encouragingly to myself really helps me!

I prepare myself ahead of time by not expecting perfection right away!

I know that it will take practice before I feel comfortable, even confident with the new action, so giving myself frequent pep-talks really helps me to keep the momentum going!

Even if I fall down and don’t do as well as I want, I have found that I respond so much better when I reassure myself, and boost myself up.

I’ll tell myself that I’ll do better next time!

Interestingly, I discovered I want to make myself proud, so when I encourage myself, I feel inspired to keep going and trying!

Our inner self talk is the key to our success!

Positive self talk is a crucial piece to rewiring our brains, and teaching ourselves new, positive habits!

My positive pep-talk for you

I believe in you!

I know this is possible!

Even the worst habits can gradually be changed, and new positive ones created!

Give yourself time!

Don’t give up on yourself! If you’re going through a tough time right now and you feel you want to give up on yourself, this is the time to infuse gentle words into your spirit!

The worse you may feel, the more you need gentleness right now!

Don’t worry about trying to force yourself into the new actions you want to implement.

Right now just take some time to boost yourself up with gentle and positive words!

As your spirit regains it’s inner strength, you will find the motivation will return!

Sending love and positive vibes to you!

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8 thoughts on “Brain Rewiring

  1. I do have faith this is true in the day to day habits but also the bigger life one’s too, slowly the brain can take on a new habit of viewing one’s self, others, and life. I often get impatient and expect big changes too quick and unfortunately that can lead to harsh internal voice as opposed to gentle, but when I reflect I do see how practicing new habits of thought does slowly bring those habits into the mind more automatically and naturally, though there are natural fall backs to the old habits here in there. Slow gradual process, but each step forward is so worth it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this message. It’s so important I feel, and it always helps me to hear that others have found it possible to shift their habits and have found a KIND and GENTLE inner voice is the way to do so. That knowledge reminds me to shift away from that harsh inner voice and instead practice using a kind inner voice towards myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😊😊 I feel this is a missing piece when people speak of changing habits! I found for myself this method worked a huge difference in my ability to see myself positively and to feel I DESERVED the changes I was seeking to make!

      Baby steps, with lots of inner encouragement! That’s my motto!

      So happy that this is the method which speaks to you! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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