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After having gone through some major difficulties in my life, I set out to heal. Along the way I learned some awesome tools which I share with you here! I’d love to say that learning those tools prevented me from going through other difficulties, but as you know life throws us curve balls and those become opportunities to put into practice our growing toolkit!

My mindset now is that of chosen positivity and striving to connect spiritual dots and grow into spiritual maturity.

I welcome your thoughts and comments!

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“Letting go” – to be able to follow your Joy, and the incredible focus it brings to life!!

Living mindfully isn’t enough if we aren’t also adding the secret element of joy, for that’s what brings us satisfaction!

I’ve written about following our joy in life, but purposefully choosing to do things which bring us joy really is the secret sauce to living a fulfilled life!

At the beginning of January this year Netflix started a brand new program called Tidying with Marie Kondo, which I was curious enough about to watch!

Wow! Marie has the whole concept of joy down to an art! Her area of expertise (tidying) has allowed her to observe that when people simplify their belongings and choose what brings them joy, then organize and display them, that the emotional benefits greatly impact their lives and their relationships by redefining what and how they choose to live!

Overcoming the Impossible! Here’s a few steps to make it happen!

Overcoming the Impossible!

What has your year been like? Are you preparing yourself to look at what resolutions you wish to put into place for the New Year?

What if I were to say that I don’t do resolutions anymore? Why not?

Well, by creating a list of resolutions we’re focusing our energies on what’s negative or not working in our lives. When those resolutions don’t pan out we then bathe ourselves in negative self-talk; do this year after year and our self-confidence slowly evaporates. I know that only too well. I kept putting myself through that process because I desperately wanted to heal, to grow, to change.

The toll it took on my self confidence became overwhelming, and rather than being able to move forward to where I wanted to be, I became stuck. So stuck that I felt I wouldn’t ever be able to move forward, because there was probably something so wrong with me that no matter how hard I tried, it would never happen.

So how is a person going to change, grow and move forward in life if this approach doesn’t work so well?

Well, a few years ago I heard of a brand new approach, which spoke to my yearning soul. This new way seemed focused on positivity, and echoed the new lessons in positivity I was learning from other sources.

What is that approach and how has it made a difference in my life?

Removing Inner Blocks Journal!

I’m excited to let you know about the new release of the “Removing Inner Blocks” Journal, the newest to my growing list of focused journals designed as tools to help you resolve life issues!

When we’ve gone through emotional and/or physical traumas, the internal damage can deeply affect us and act as barriers to our forward advancement or work against us subconsciously to sabotage our efforts, in spite of strong efforts in the beginning.

WHY would this happen to people who have otherwise set their foot on the path to success?


The Audio Book… Available on ACX.com, Audible.com and Amazon!

ACX cover How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level

Listen to it today!

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The Audio Book… Available on ACX.com, Audible.com and Amazon!

ACX cover How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level

Listen to it today!

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Testimonials for Healing Your Life on a Deep Heart Level:

“You have compiled in one place an encyclopedia of knowledge with personal experience that touches the heart of women that no clinical approach can. Combined with what is spiritual, this is powerful…”

“I have the book in my kindle library and although I have read it three times, I go back to it whenever I can focus on its contents by subject and absorb what I need to remind me of my direction.”

“Thanks so much for putting your life experience and knowledge in a book for all to heal from including me as I continue to grow and become the person I knew was inside; the inside and outside are more in harmony. The work of healing is such a joyful thing now.”

Testimonials for Workbook:

“I think the idea of the workbook is brilliant and I think people will find the content very helpful. It is certainly very ‘on trend’ with the doodling/colouring aspect.” – Dorothy Berry-Lound, Managing Partner of HOST Policy Research, Reiki Master and Artist, Italy

I really like it a lot! Everything I have read has just been fun and easy to accomplish. I could really see myself doing this as a workshop in the schools and using it for therapeutic mindfulness, even individually!  L. Rich, United States

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