The Universe believes in you. Trust you are being guided.

The Good Buddha

“The Universe believes in you. Trust you are being guided.” – Unknown

It can be really hard to completely trust that things will work out when to all appearances they aren’t.

At this particular time in my life, almost post-pandemic, I’m working at a temp job which has been twice extended 3 times. With a new institution President on board there’s no guarantee that my assignment will be extended again, let alone being hired on permanently. My Unemployment benefit has run out with no opportunity to re-apply until my assignment is completely over at the end of June, but hopefully the months I’ve worked will allow my benefits to be reinstated, giving me breathing room until the Universe opens my next door for permanent employment.

My job history is one where new bosses have come in making my position redundant, or I’ve worked for a non-profit which lost funding, or worked for a company negatively affected by the economy. I’ve poured my heart into a job each time and I know I will do so again when my next opportunity comes, because that is what I do.

The Universe has had my back before, working things out, even if there were delays. I need to believe that everything will work out once more.

For one year during the pandemic I blogged daily, writing encouraging and supportive posts, as much for myself as they were for each of you.

I didn’t have a secret pile of inspiration that no one else had, I was just putting one foot in front of the other, as we all have been.

Lately I’ve only been posting when I feel 100% behind the messaging, not wanting to just merely churn out something I struggled to feel myself, because I think authenticity in everything we do is more important than just trying to put out favorable statistics.

When I write about Developing Happiness, I don’t have an expectation for myself or for you, that we will be 100% happy every single day, 365 days per year.

That would just be unrealistic.

Life happens. We go through hard times and difficult emotions, so expecting to be happy all the time is just setting ourselves up for a big let-down!

We need to honor our emotions by feeling them when we go through them, and not trying to stuff them down, just because they don’t seem to belong to a “successfull” person, or that they seem to go contrary to “manifesting” wonderful opportunities or money!

The biggest difference in how I feel going through a difficult and uncertain time now, from when I went through them previously?

I no longer beat myself up mentally and emotionally, by telling myself that I’m a loser and “unworthy of the opportunity anyway”.

I no longer fall down a rabbit-hole of despair or depression, because I’ve learned HOW to talk more positively and encouragingly to myself.

What do I tell myself?

I tell myself to hang in!

I tell myself that another door will open when the time is right, because I have been doing the legwork and knocking on the doors.

I remind myself that I have wonderful skills to share with an employer, and I’ve always more than earned my salary, wherever I have been.

By reminding myself of my skills and abilities I keep myself encouraged that a new employer will also see them and have the vision for how I can help their company.

I’ve learned this isn’t the time to beat myself up,  because the negative things I used to tell myself just weren’t true!

Since I’ve already proven to myself that those negative thoughts weren’t true, why allow them to inhabit my heart?

I need all the positivity I can muster, all the faith I have worked so hard to build, and all the optimism I have developed by observing how the Universe has had my back through every difficulty!

No photo credit , Graphics by Tamara Kulish

So, you want an example of how the universe helps us?

I started writing this post in the morning and when I checked my email, I had this lovely message waiting for me!

I subscribe to “Notes from the Universe” from Not all the messages are spot on or relate to a post I’m writing about, but when I need a shot of encouragement, I usually get a lovely one, just like this one today! I highly recommend subscribing to this daily email, and you may find that the message for the day is exactly what you need!

So, step out in faith, knowing that you are loved and beloved by God, the Angels and the Universe! Quite possibly they inspire us with the very thought we feel to”take a leap of faith” because they have already set a plan in motion and just need us to take that first step to meet them on the path!

Quite possibly they place the clues in our path, for us to follow!

When in doubt, pray! Ask for help! Ask for guidance!

Then be on the alert for serendipidous things coming accross your path, for that’s how the Universe works!

The Universe organizes things so we receive little hints and clues, to point us in the direction we need to be going in. Once we step on that path and follow, more will follow!

Even when things look bleak, Even when it feels like we’ve been forgotten by God, The Universe is quietly working things out on our behalf!

If you feel dispirited, feel your courage or inspiration has dried up, feel overwhelmed, that is the time to take a break! Go for a walk, pray, meditate, sit quietly.

Bring a notepad, or sketchpad, or even take notes in your phone… see what thoughts start to come to you, allow the thoughts to just form.

Take a look at them. Have you received a little bit of missing information? Is your gut telling you something?

I’ve learned not to discount any of this, particularly when my gut tells me something! I don’t always understand it right away, because it sometimes takes a little time to make itself clear!

Keep putting one foot in front of te other, even if you’re taking very slow, tiny steps!

It’s okay to be slow!

The Universe has the power to work all things out for the greater good! You are included in this magnificent plan!

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13 thoughts on “The Universe believes in you. Trust you are being guided.

  1. I truly admire your courage, your work, your spirit 💛 I have been recommending your books to all those whom I can. I am truly wishing to witness your glory of success in whatever version it awaits you. I agree with you and I too find these blessed signs and messages exactly when I can use them. I am not signed up with but this sounds like Mike Dooley’s work, I have heard him speak and he is just amazing ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love listening to him! Thank you for your encouragement! I’m looking forward to seeing what the universe has in mind for me next! Thank you for recommending my books! I started writing a Tedx talk and now I need to complete it! Then of course apply to get a spot! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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