By changing our inner dialogue, we change EVERYTHING!

By changing our inner dialogue we change everything:
we change how we see ourselves, we change our motivation
to get up again and to keep trying, we change our lives
because we become more positive individuals!

Speak kindly to yourself, so that you will feel encouraged
to get up again, dust yourself off and try again!

For if you speak harshly to yourself, you will discourage
yourself from wanting to try again!

Tamara Kulish

How we speak to ourselves changes everything!

This isn’t just a feel good Mantra I heard somewhere and am just re-stating it to sound wise, but it’s something I put into practice in my own life.

I was astounded to see the difference it made in my head-space!

I went from living my life feeling anxious and depressed, and as it turned out, the abuse I had experienced was only part of the story why I felt that way.

As I started practicing suspending judgement and learning to speak kindly to myself, I saw that all the years of speaking harshly to myself had taken a HUGE toll on my mental and emotional health.

I found that as I practiced speaking nicer and kinder to myself, that I didn’t become overwhelmed so easily, and I was able to brush myself off and get back up again MUCH SOONER than I had ever been able to do before!

When I attended each of the fundamentalist churches, I was criticized as having a deep lack of faith as being the reason why I was anxious and viewed my life negatively.

We weren’t encouraged to speak kindly to ourselves, rather, the messaging we received was pretty dark and negative, which only served to deeply reinforce the negative messaging I already was telling myself.

They seemed to be fear driven, instilling that we were all terrible sinners and very unworthy; it seemed they were more interested in crushing people in their efforts to instill humility.

There seemed to be a fear of lifting people up, and telling them they were all loved deeply.

I have learned that when we are deeply loved and we feel it, that we can actually practice true humility, because we know that we’re all a part of the very loved fabric of the universe, and this in turn helps people to behave much more lovingly to others!

Here’s my thoughtful tip: when we see someone who is struggling with anxiety or depression, encourage the person to practice suspending judgement of themselves, and to start building a list of positive things they can say to themselves instead of the harsh words they’re in the habit of saying!

Let’s each of us practice this, and encourage our fiends and family to do likewise!

How we speak to ourselves changes everything!

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