Red Ocean or Blue Ocean? How do you think?

Years ago a former boss had challenged me with this question “Are you a Red ocean thinker or a Blue ocean thinker?”

This was a completely new thought for me, as I’m sure it may be for you!

What does this mean?

Well, are you a) still a shark trying to get your piece of life in the feeding frenzy, or b) have you moved your thought process to seeing life as a big blue ocean of opportunities and abundance?

This is truly a quantum leap of thought!

The most successful entrepreneurs in the past few years have been, in my observation, Blue ocean thinkers.

This used to be called thinking out of the box, but that image has still been too limiting for many people! Hence, thinking in terms of a vast blue ocean of opportunity, abundant and available for all of us!

There really is so much available in the way of resources, creativity, and even opportunities, as we’re seeing visionary entrepreneurs create, invent and produce more and more, which in turn makes so much available to the rest of us!

I’ve learned an awesome thought, from which is: “Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!” (You can sign up for a free daily email inspiration, which is truly uplifting!)

When we are looking to become better, to heal, to improve our lives and outlook, it’s important to see the many, many opportunities that are out there!

DEPRESSION sets it when we see our lives as being set in stone, unchangeable, or that we don’t somehow deserve good in our lives etc. These thoughts can overwhelm us, consume us, give us anxiety attacks and stop us in our tracks. Fear that there won’t be enough or never will have enough can negatively motivate some to act out aggressively against others.

We have been conditioned to think in terms of scarcity, and this fear sets off the feeding frenzy, the super-competitive, stress-filled life of getting our share, and taking away from others to protect our territory. Is this scarcity model in fact a true-ism of life? Not really, since there is more than enough for everyone.

Our red-ocean, super-competitive way of doing business and managing life has created huge shortages in many parts of the world, while there is an over-abundance in other areas.

The Universe actually has very generous plans for each of us, but a re-thinking of how we approach life is important.

Is change possible? Yes! Is it possible for each of us to live a happy and awesome life? Yes!

Does this happen quickly or slowly? It depends on the changes we are looking at… some things change in an instant and other changes happen more slowly, over time, kind of a slow dripping in process!

When we embark upon this new Blue ocean of opportunity, our thoughts become our boats, carrying us to where we need to go!

I like some of Richard Branson’s blog posts which I thought it fit nicely here:

So, here’s to your voyage on the Blue ocean! Let me know if you have heard of this concept and how you have applied the lessons of being a Blue Ocean thinker in your life!

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Red Ocean or Blue Ocean? How do you think?

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