Challenge: When a negative thought enters your mind, think three positive ones. Train yourself to flip the script!


Doubts. Doubts.

These creep into my mind and no matter how much I’ve already accomplished, they still love to make me doubt and fear my abilities!

This past week I checked off some big things from my list.

  • I emailed my new gallery manager the list of paintings in my show, with the photos and sizes of each piece, plus its link to its page of Fine Art America and the accompanying music I assigned it. Plus I created a post so everyone who can’t visit the show in person can view it virtually!

    This took quite a bit of work to assemble, but it represents the accomplishment of a vision I had for this ocean wave series. I had envisioned a solo where each piece would have it’s own music piece playing. I had a few naysayers saying it sounded like an interesting concept, but how on earth was I going to get the equipment to play music continuously for each piece?

    Ta-da, technology in the for of QR codes solved this dilemma! I was in a restaurant with my family, and the establishment had done away with their regular menus during the pandemic, and instead had QR codes to direct people to their menu online. A light bulb went off in my head, and I realized I could use this old technology to my advantage!

    When the show is hung next week, people will be able to scan QR codes to listen to each painting’s music selection, and to be able to visit Fine Art America to buy merch!
  • Apart from seeing my newest book come out as an audio book, I had set a goal to write a Tedx talk to be able to bring my message to a wider audience. I finished my script (and will be consulting with a few trusted people to help me polish the piece) plus the accompanying slideshow.
  • My next goal was to start reaching out to Tedx event organizers to try to secure a speaking slot. Honestly, this scares me the most, because the rejection rate is high, and I’m still working on handling rejection!

    I do have experience with public speaking, so my nerves are less pronounced for that part of it than they might be!

    I reached out to the organizer of an event which will be held for the first time in my city in early December, and she replied to me the same day, letting me know they hold auditions ONE YEAR in advance! She invited me to keep an eye on their website for next year.

    While that was a let down, I told my daughter that this was my ice-breaker, and that I’ll keep trying to secure a spot, or to be considered for a fill in, should someone cancel.

I didn’t achieve any of these goals in one big moment, but rather, it was an accumulation of many, many small moments strung together to create the final products!

Sometimes we may have a vision for something which seems so big and huge to the people around us, that they start to speak negatively, to try to get us to “be reasonable”!

Remember, what seems impossible to someone else may be possible for you to accomplish! They may be overwhelmed by the enormity of the idea, not realizing there’s actually many small steps which we need to follow to actualize the vision! By following these steps, you can make the impossible happen in your life!

Our dreams can seem like bubbles to others who wish to pop them in order to “help keep us grounded”, but their lack of ability to see the possibilities or the steps needed to be taken are more of a reflection of their reality that of ours!

Years ago when I was a teenager, my mother would criticize me for having “Pie-in-the-sky” ideas. What seemed to be impossible for her was just normal for other people I met, and later in life I saw I had surpassed what she thought to be impossible for me to attain.

So my message today is to practice flipping the script when negative thoughts come up for you, whether they are your thoughts or someone else’s!

Just because we (or anyone in our family) hasn’t yet accomplished something, doesn’t mean it’s not do-able or that it it out of our abilities!

Since I had experienced many nay-sayers in my life, when I set out to write a book for example, I started small, and didn’t announce my intentions! I had started writing in very small, tiny notebooks, and when I filled up a few, I started typing up the words I had written. With the wonder of “copy/paste” I was able to re-organize those random thoughts into paragraphs, then later chapters.

This method runs against the mainstream wisdom which teaches to write a book outline and then to write the chapter headings. Even though the publisher of my illustrated children’s book had advised me to write down some of my philosophical thoughts and put them into a book, I didn’t know if I could do it!

Voices from my past rang out in my head, mocking my thoughts and efforts, so my work-around was to start small and unobtrusively.

The approach of starting small, building on a series of small steps runs throughout all my big accomplishments! While I may have held a very large vision in my heart of hearts, the reality of my mental process has been to do ONE small thing, then do ANOTHER!

(I’ve learned that in between the steps I’ll take a breather, pat myself on the back – a very important thing to do, by the way – and prep myself for the next step!)

By building INCREMENTALLY to my goal, I have been able to accomplish many BIG things!

Had I tried to take it all on at once, I know I would have become OVERWHELMED by the sheer enormity, and perhaps the audacity of what I wanted to do!

Think about it this way: to earn a PhD, one doesn’t do it all at once, instead it takes years of work, one semester and one class at a time!

Our minds and spirits can handle smaller things in a given time, and through hard work and persistence we work our way up that mountain!

Do you have goals or projects you’ve cast aside because you became overwhelmed? Is it something you secretly still yearn to do?

How about taking a fresh look at it? How can you break it down into do-able steps? Do you need some help or advice?

With technology and the Internet, so many more doors have opened for us, allowing us to find solutions which would have been very difficult to find previously!

These days, having big dreams is so much more attainable than ever before!

If you’ve read all the way to this point, I believe there is something inside of you that may just need a nudge to get going!

So, here it is: You can do it! You are SO capable of doing one small step at a time!

Your spirit wants this! Your spirit knows you can do this, that’s why it have kept you reading!

You are far more capable than you realize!

     Photo and quote by Tamara Kulish    Available on Fine Art America

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