Make yourself strong!

Years ago I didn’t think I could become as strong or happy as I have become, not because I was weak, but because I had come to deeply believe the lies I had been told about myself and my potential.

A huge shift occurred when I realized that the negative things I had come to believe about myself actually weren’t true!

This realization allowed me to make a radical shift in how I spoke to myself going forward!

I learned that what I said to myself was vitally important and set the tone to how I feel about myself!

I learned that I needed to mindfully speak positive things to myself, and look carefully when my thoughts turned cynical or negative.

I learned that by working to be consistent with my self talk I could turn my negative self image into positive.

The amount of work is the same, whether our self talk is negative or is positive, but the end results are immensely different!

If you’re at the same place I was before, start with small things you feel comfortable saying to yourself. As you gain more practice you’ll start to see more positive things and will be able to leave the lies behind.

You are worthy! You are a wonderful part of this world and play an important role in our universe! You are loved!!

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