The skinny trend… going to any extreme is unhealthy… What anorexia taught me about recovery…

TRIGGER WARNING: This post talks about anorexia and self-harm.

4) The only person who was going to step in to save me, turned out to actually be myself!

The road to recovery and the road to becoming healthy is fundamentally ours to walk, sometimes alone, sometimes with support, but ultimately, we need to do it for ourselves!

Posts for Mental Health Day October 10

The things that had the BIGGEST impact on my own mental health were teaching myself to like myself, suspending judgment, practicing speaking kindly instead of cruelly to myself, and allowing this whole set of tools to rewire my brain!

I know it sounds very innocuous, but HOW we see ourselves and speak to ourselves is foundational to developing more tools, for how quickly or how slowly we heal and grow, how we see the possible solutions, and how we implement them long-term.