The heaviest burdens that we carry are the thoughts in our head.

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The heaviest burdens that we carry are the thoughts in our head.

Usually when we’re struggling with depressive thoughts there’s a well-meaning person who advises us to “just not think about it”.

That’s not really helpful advice is it?

Our negative thoughts remain firmly lodged no matter how hard we try to ignore them or to push them out of our heads, right?

So what’s a person to do?

Trying to suppress thoughts actually backfires! Instead, if we drip positivity into our minds we can gradually displace the negative!

Though this may sound like sappy nonsense, I can attest that it works!

I had been physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually abused for many years which left me with no self-worth, deep anxiety and depression. My negative self-talk was overloading my brain many years.

I heard the analogy of a glass of dirty water which can’t be poured out can be made clean by pouring clear water into it.

The glass of dirty water represents our thoughts. We can’t just “pour them out”, it doesn’t work that way.

The best way to “deal” with our negative thoughts is to tell ourselves positive ones.

Try practicing suspending judgement of yourself. Then, instead of speaking harshly to yourself when you feel you’ve messed up, start to speak encouragingly to yourself. “I’ve got this!” “I’m learning and growing.” “I can do this!” “It’s okay. It will all work out!”

I’ve also found that affirmations and inspirational quotes have really helped me to relearn how think positively about myself.

I learned to have new positive thoughts, which hadn’t been taught to me during my years of abuse.

I learned to like and even to love myself. Those were HUGE steps.

I started with gentle, believable affirmations and built myself up from there.

One of my favorites?

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

None of this may feel natural in the beginning, especially after a lifetime of negative self talk, so it will take patience and perseverance to keep speaking positive thoughts to yourself.

When I first heard of this concept, I sneered at it. It didn’t seem possible. It seemed too crazy.

Yet, when I hit a down point and was sick and tired of always feeling terrible about myself and my life, I decided to give it a try.

It felt awkward and weird. However, since others had sworn it worked for them, I decided to just keep trying.

What have you got to lose? Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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13 thoughts on “The heaviest burdens that we carry are the thoughts in our head.

    1. My pleasure Arthur! I’m so happy you stopped by and took the time to comment! I hope you will visit other posts to get support and encouragement. Please feel free to drop me a line, anytime!


  1. It is very true that positive self talk works. We are the ones that we hear most, right? So if we’re always hearing negative we believe it. However, I’d we turn those negative talks into positive, that’s what we mostly hear. Since it takes three positives to come even with a negative (not ahead; just even!) no wonder we’re so depressed if we don’t talk nicely to ourselves and celebrate our wonderfulness!


    1. I’m not sure who proposed the idea that it takes three positives to come even with a negative, I’m sure I had MANY more negative thoughts! It definitely took me a long time to teach myself to think differently, simply because creating new Neural Pathways takes time and effort. It is only with time and effort that those new Neural pathways become stronger and stronger, while the old ones gradually start to fade away!

      Isn’t it interesting to note that something as ephemeral as a thought creates a tangible imprint in the brain? Every thought we think creates a Neural pathway.

      It’s also very empowering to learn that none of those are set in stone! By choosing new thoughts, we create new Neural pathways! This is the tangible process of creating habits.

      Instead of trying to keep track, I think it’s helpful to NOT keep track because if you’re like me, you might end up using those scores to beat yourself up more! That’s where practicing suspending judgment of ourselves comes in! Just keep trying!

      I know in the beginning it doesn’t feel like much is happening, but in truth when we’re mindfully trying to change our thought patterns, a lot is going on behind the scenes!

      Our spirits take a lot of time to be convinced that the new positives are indeed true, so this gentle work of repeating positive thoughts to ourselves is a labor of love. It takes time to teach ourselves to love ourselves when everything in our pasts didn’t speak those words!



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