The skinny trend… going to any extreme is unhealthy… What anorexia taught me about recovery…

TRIGGER WARNING: This post talks about anorexia and self-harm.

4) The only person who was going to step in to save me, turned out to actually be myself!

The road to recovery and the road to becoming healthy is fundamentally ours to walk, sometimes alone, sometimes with support, but ultimately, we need to do it for ourselves!

Enjoy the freedom of being yourself, accepting that being seen a fool is just a part of it!

In a world where the image of being pulled together and perfect set an impossibly high bar, sometimes giving ourselves the freedom to just own who we are, let our hair down and stop worrying about being accepted is such a breath of fresh air!

I can’t tell you how many YEARS I agonized about not meeting with other people’s approval, or worse, living in fear of their disapproval. As long as my energy was focused on THAT, it was as though that was exactly what I attracted into my life!

The disapprovers showed their colors to me time and again, when they showed me they really just wanted to control me and my life because they felt they could do a better job at it than I could.

Even if that were true, It was still my life to live!