Be kind in spite if what is thrown at you!

Keep your kind heart!

No matter what gets thrown at you, don’t lose yourself in the process!

It’s tempting to return bad for bad, but that only makes everything worse!!

Our thoughts create our reality, so choosing to find more positive things to focus on helps create better moods and helps us to see solutions we wouldn’t see if we’re in a bad mood.

Choosing positive thoughts can feel very overwhelming when we’re struggling under the weight of burdens we carry, so infusing positive thoughts by way of encouraging and inspiring words helps us to find the inner strength.

We’re the only ones who can do this for ourselves, so even if you have no practice with focusing your thoughts on the positive, perhaps because everyone in the family is negative and critical, it’s still possible to learn; it will just take more practice.

I know this, because I needed to teach myself how to do it. It wasn’t easy; in fact it was very difficult to overcome all the negative messages I had stored in my spirit.

I had many slip ups into negative thoughts, but with practice I became better!

I learned that the universe loves me and has my back! I also learned that this gift is for each of us, no exceptions!!

You can do this!! Keep going!!

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