Always believe that wonderful things can happen!

“Always believe that wonderful things can happen!”

Tamara Kulish

This is a thought I hold onto when I start to feel overwhelmed.

Life can change in an instant.

Calamity and upheavals can come into our lives, and just as easily as those happen, wonderful things can also happen in the wink of an eye!

None of us are promised easy life full of riches and wealth. Sometimes the live we lives are the exact opposite, full of difficulties and trials.

Our trials aren’t sent to punish us or to grind us down, but are teaching opportunities to help us grow into the people we need to become. Just like going to the gym builds muscles, dealing with life is there to strengthen us!

Some questions I now ask myself when I’m caught in the thick of it:

  • What can I do to help myself?
  • What do I need to do first?
  • What can I do next?
  • Is there something I’m missing? What do I need to see?

For the last question, I try to pray over it and keep an open mind to the responses which come my way over the next few days.

Sometimes I see I need to do something which I have been procrastinating, while other times I need to face something I’ve been fearing. Sometimes I need to consider something completely new.

Other times the answer is to be PATIENT! Be patient for things are being worked out in wonderful ways!

Above all, hold onto this thought: “Always believe that wonderful things can happen!”

This belief keep the doorway open in our hearts to see when the universe sends someone in a proverbial canoe to rescue us off the roof in the flood! The universe may not send us a cruise ship to bring us out of our stranded situation, but it will find a way to help us!

Sometimes the smallest beginnings can lead to our greatest moments in life!

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