Choose to see the good stuff!

2020 seems to have had the effect of many people losing their minds, while 2021 has unfortunately shown some people to have lost their humanity.

As difficult as these past months have been collectively for all of us, there are many people with mental health issues who have experienced a worsening of their symptoms.

Long term anxiety will make even the sanest among us struggle. If a person had a borderline issue prior to COVID, it has now bloomed into a full case for many people.

Conspiracy theory websites have also apparently greatly added to many people’s anxieties by purposely peddling falsehoods. When highly anxious people see articles which fuel their anxieties, they remain fixated on these sites, like an addict sticking close to their dealer.

Given the high level of anxieties we’re collectively going through, the way out is to change what we focus our attentions on.

If we constantly scroll through social media and groups for negative articles to read, we keep reinforcing the fear, even the anger we feel.

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By keeping our focus on the negative, our brains start to efficiently sort out the positive from the negative, and stop our minds from being able to see the positive.

On the other hand, when we choose to seek out the positive, our brains start to feel calmer and we become better able to handle what comes along.

Choosing to see the good stuff goes deeper than just looking to see the positive side of things in situations.

Choosing to see the good stuff also means we actively choose what we allow into our lives.

This goes for the groups we join on social media, the friends we have – both in real life and online, the activities we participate in, the movies and shows we watch, what we do in our free time and how we speak to others and to ourselves.

By choosing to see the good stuff we do more than put ourselves in a good mood, we’re actually helping our own mental health and anxiety issues!

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11 thoughts on “Choose to see the good stuff!

  1. It’s reinforcing that has made me more selective what I choose to consume- going on social media sometimes leave me feeling exhausted. Now I mute people, certain key words or avoid all together. Something you do for leisure shouldn’t be stressful!

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