Everyday magic we experience

I believe in magic, serendipity and the love the universe has for each one of us.

The movie “The Secret” inspired a whole movement of people intent on manifesting things, people and events in their lives using special visualization techniques.

As a result, many people have become disillusioned and even depressed that their best efforts didn’t lead to the outcomes they hoped for or expected.

The whole premise seemed to have removed the universe/God/our Angels as part of life’s equation and seemed to selectively seek to put this power into each individual’s hands.

When an individual isn’t able to summon these visualization powers, the individual is blamed for not using “correct” techniques for mastering this power.

What if there was something more to this?

What if there were truly an outside force from us that helped each of us, that helped us when we were not so capable of creating this magic?

Understandably many people have sworn off any God or deity in their life if they had experienced the dark side of many religious groups which impose a strict set of beliefs upon their followers, or who have seen people acting in heinous ways in spite of professing to be religious.

Additionally, observing the hypocrisy displayed by many publicly religious people has turned many away from wanting to believe in any religious group or church.

I get it.

Even though I experienced those things too, and observed many people being victimized by those groups, I still believe in a power higher than myself, for I observe so much magic and serendipity happening multiple times each day that it would be impossible for me to think there wasn’t a power behind it all.

As a result, I do believe there is a universe/God/our Angels, who exist outside of the man-made confines of any one religion or group. I believe these higher powers exist whether we believe in them or not and are working things out quietly behind the scenes in each of our daily lives.

Quote: “There is no enlightenment outside of our daily life” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Why doesn’t God remove our suffering?

Since we are all creatures who have free will, the universe/God/our Angels can’t just “jump in to rescue us”. This means we all live interconnected lives where the actions (and consequences) from one person impact others (and our planet), for good or for bad.

Each of us having free will also means that “universe/God/our Angels” need our permission to take action. This permission is granted when we offer up a request, a prayer.

When we do that “universe/God/our Angels” who work behind the scenes to then jump into action on our behalf.

Interestingly, they have already been working behind the scenes to set things up, so that when the permission/request comes to them everything is set to be put into motion, hence the magic that seems to happen when everything “just fits into place”!

“The secret is in the waiting through the moments where all seems lost, holding the faith for as long as it takes for the magic to work which will likely be longer than the pause in a Disney movie. The magic is in believing it will still happen even as we wait. And then, when it does happen, seeing it as one whole story and telling it to others so they too will last through the wait.”

by Wynne Leon in “The Magic Kingdom”

Wynne Leon in “The Magic Kingdom” speaks about this magic which happens in our daily lives, that is there all the time, if only we choose to see it.

Our emotional and spiritual “buy in”

A common denominator between the movement created for “manifesting” and all religions, is the concept of “belief” or “faith”.

I find it interesting that both sides see the necessity of us “buying in” to be able to pray or to manifest successfully.

Let me know if this interpretation brings you comfort and a modicum of understanding! I’m looking forward to hearing your input!

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30 thoughts on “Everyday magic we experience

  1. Amazing post!
    I like, “I still believe in a power higher than myself, for I observe so much magic and serendipity happening multiple times each day that it would be impossible for me to think there wasn’t a power behind it all.”
    I believe in a higher power too. I strongly believe in thinking positively. And that good exists in our world. I have experienced time and again when I am in dire straights, help appears in the form of someone or something and that the higher power has my back.
    Best wishes.

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    1. Thanks so much, Chaya! I too have experienced those things too. It’s pretty amazing when we try to see by observing instead of looking for what we’re told we should be seeing. The second method has us filtering everything out that doesn’t fit set parameters, while simply observing what happens allowing us to see things that were otherwise hidden from us. Blessings!

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  2. I very much believe in the Universe and that it is looking out for me/us. I agree that we all have to live with our decisions and that’s why things don’t always work out the way we want it to. But if we put what we want out there the Universe can give it to us. I have experienced that myself first hand.

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    1. Yes, me too! I’m personally preferring not to call it manifesting but to see it as serendipitous moments the universe has arranged for me. That seems to help me keep I’m the gratitude sphere and not feel sad if something didn’t “manifest”. Maybe that’s part of my inner impatience, hopi g to see results in my time-line instead of just allowing the magic to unfold!

      I find by doing random acts of kindness my daily experiences in the world are 99% positive, while I see people who are hateful or angry seem to have very difficult interactions with multiple people each day.

      I’m loving this love of magic and serendipity. When I do ask the universe for something or pray about it, I ask for that thing “or better”. This helps me be patient instead of disappointed when things don’t work out how I want, because I have seen that many times the universe works things out so much better than I could have imagined.

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      1. Yes, I’m like that too but my mum and sister call it manifesting so sometimes I do that too lol. I never take it personally when something doesn’t work out as I had hoped because I know there must be a reason and maybe something better is coming my way. I think asking for that thing or better is such a good idea. I’ll be doing that too now!


  3. That’s the beauty of unconditional love…it is already here. We can choose or not whether we follow it. It’s unconditional. We ‘bind’ it in those conditions (fears) we live in. We respond to this worlds many inputs from our actions…or not…and it shows us ‘us’. And as we get better at responding to us it slowly shows us a truth. A very beautiful way of being. And yes, it isn’t too easy in the beginning because we don’t understand. But it is that understanding that ‘we’ can only do, that gives us an appreciation of what we individually have done to create it and slowly build us into something wonderful. It is only when ‘we’ do something that we can fully appreciate what we have done, appreciate and love us in doing it. And love can only be done by us, for it is us, and we are building it. Otherwise it would be just me handing you a handful of air…you don’t know what’s there, you haven’t made it, touched it or even understood it…it wasn’t yours. That is why, until we learn it within us, that all gestures of love are physical…presents, hugs etc. But as we learn to love…then we give from that place, a look, a smile…shoot, I can now feel a pregnant woman from 60 feet away. Odd that, it stands out so powerfully. I have congratulated a couple…and they haven’t told anyone. They look at each other as if to blame the other for speaking and I quickly have to explain that I can feel the love within them all, it glows like nothing else. And of course assure them that I will not pass it on. Why would I, the joy in speaking it is a beautiful thing for them, it holds their love even deeper. And this world because it does take so long to develop this love, we will truly appreciate what it has taken within us to find something so profoundly beautiful. And yes, there are many puddles we fall in, but they too build us, if not more so when we find the beauty all around them. Great post dear lady, may your puddles be full, your stumbles often, and your heart clear in seeing them all 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Thank you, Mark! I find it very interesting that you can feel a pregnancy nearby! Is it the love between the couple or the unborn child’s presence you feel?

      Yes, the unconditional love is there for each of us to tap into. When we know about it and connect with it even just through making requests, it is profoundly life changing, for no longer do we need to believe we are all alone or unlovable! The love which surpasses all is there for us, outside of the parameters of any religion. It exists for each of us. Amazing isn’t it?

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      1. It is in the couple but mainly the connection between mother and child. It is beyond any love that we have and so pure. It just glows, and I would think it is because the child isn’t full of fears etc yet and this connecting moment for the mother is beyond a normal relationship. Nurturing something so deep changes you, and I do realize many mothers have great difficulty, physically and emotionally, in going through such a time. But it cannot be but a big change in its meaning. And I might add that as usual Spirit will stick a sock in my mouth if my input will interfere with something. Their glow makes me glow and its hard sometimes to not be happy for them 😀 An interesting thing though, I’ve been around a pregnancy recently and I’m either being blocked totally (and it didn’t really feel like that), or because of what I’m going through is interfering with that ‘sensitivity’. It is a bit disheartening to be able to feel something so wonderful…and suddenly it appears to diminish. Like an artist who suddenly can’t paint, it leaves you a bit hollow. Maybe just a lesson for me. And yes to the unconditional love, it covers all contingencies and will always give us something so that we can see 😀❤️🙏🏽

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        1. I find this interesting. It definitely sounds like you’re an empath, able to tune into other people’s feelings. I find that some people telegraph their feelings very easily, while others are very guarded. Sometimes I prefer the guarded if they’re prone to negative thoughts, as I can get overwhelmed. I remember years ago traveling by subway under different neighborhoods and getting strong feelings of depression under certain areas. Those were very low-income, high-crime areas, so that is very understandable.

          You’re right, when a mother is feeling good about her pregnancy, the feelings of love she has for her baby are incredibly strong. I was surprised when I was pregnant by how powerful those feelings were, it really is something beyond understanding.

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          1. An interesting thing, I used to get knocked about doing my massage, I’d absorb so much energy from others…but…when I went through my fear it stopped and barely worries me anymore. My ‘holding’ myself on guard from fear, also holds any energy I absorb. Once I went through my fear and ‘let go’, all energies just flow on through. It was quite a shock to suddenly no longer absorb it all. So now because I am open I can feel much more sensitively. An interesting story. I was reading a newspaper some years ago and Spirit nudged me so I looked up and a pregnant lady was sitting on a bench…and she felt so depressed and all I could feel was death. It felt like the father had died and she was going through it all herself. Any way I minded my own business and let it go. A few minutes later Spirit nudged me again and she was walking past where I was, and again the death feeling was overwhelming and I really felt for her because usually at this time it is that beautiful glow. A third time and Spirit really nudged me and pushed me again (its a ‘knowing’), to drive up past her and wait till she came to me and ask if she was ok. So I did this and as I asked her she broke down in a mess. She was having twins and one of the twins had died but for some reason it had to be kept for the term of the pregnancy for health reasons. It was the death of the child I could feel, and the desertion of her husband adding to an already awful situation. Later she found she had cancer in her breast and had another disease that triggers depression and a few other things. I look back and I wonder at the journeys we all have and realize they are the making of us. How can we not develop that empathy, compassion and love from experiencing so much in our journey ❤️🙏🏽

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            1. Very interesting! I became aware of energies when I met my stepson who was studying Shiatsu massage. Now he is a full Chinese doctor in acupuncture and herbs. I learned so much from him, how these energies work and how to work through my own old stagnant energies.

              A couple of years ago I became aware that the massage therapist I went to for a while was struggling with depression. Normally I’d try to change to another therapist, but Spirit told me to continue, but to work on removing any negative energies she may have inadvertently passed on to me. I gave her a copy of the manuscript of my second book. Then the pandemic happened and we lost touch.

              I always find it interesting when Spirit gives me a nudge to do or to say something. I don’t always find out the outcome. Interesting how we each can participate if we choose to listen to those nudges, isn’t it?

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    2. PS, I just resubscribed to your blog. I was a follower before, but it seems i became unsubscribed. No worries now, it is corrected.

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      1. That is happening to me on and off quite often. And frustrating to boot, especially if I’ve become very interested in the blog. We can cover so many blogs that a sudden disappearance doesn’t register for a while and we’ve missed heaps of posts 😀❤️🙏🏽

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        1. I’ve been checking on your blog when you comment on mine and I looked into spam without luck, so I just did a re-follow! WP does weird things sometimes!

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  4. Beautiful post, Tamara. And I’m not saying that just because you quoted me (but thank you for that). I love you first sentence, “I believe in magic, serendipity and the love the universe has for each one of us.” Yes, yes, yes!

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    1. Thank you and you’re welcome Wynne! Yes, the magic and serendipity that happens daily is breathtaking when we choose to see it isn’t it? For me, having come from a place of emotional and spiritual destitution after having been broken, learning about this love was just mind-boggling! It was a balm that soothed my soul!

      I’m so glad you see their amazingness!

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    2. I love the first sentence as well, Tamara. And like you, I too can understand why people are so turned off of believing, but I agree that not believing doesn’t make it any less so. Very beautiful post!

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      1. Thanks so much! Yes, being a believer is very fraught these days, for there is so much hypocrisy. Alternatively, believing in the magic of the universe is much easier I think for many. Thanks so much for adding your comment! It is very appreciated!

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