Posts for Mental Health Day October 10

Mental Health Day kind of snuck up on me!

I write about it so often, from different subjects and viewpoints that I thought I’d share some of the ones which seemed to have the most impact on people!

In a nutshell, what can I say to help you?

The things that had the BIGGEST impact on my own mental health were teaching myself to like myself, suspending judgment, practicing speaking kindly instead of cruelly to myself, and allowing this whole set of tools to rewire my brain!

I know it sounds very innocuous, but HOW we see ourselves and speak to ourselves is foundational to developing more tools, for how quickly or how slowly we heal and grow, how we see the possible solutions, and how we implement them long-term.

Rewiring our brains is possible, and the impact it has on our mental, emotional, and even physical health is astounding!

Yes, it’s hard to do, for the old habits cling so strongly and have a hard time letting go. The best way is to learn new thoughts and keep trying to use those, for simply trying to suppress the old ways is practically useless without something new to replace them!

Here’s my list of post I think are a good place to start:

Please explore my Guided Journals, to help you to see the patterns of behavior and thoughts, plus the section at the end helps pull it all together by reviewing those patterns, and helping to lay out a plan of action!

Guided Journals help you work on a particular issue by answering questions to help see patterns and to find solutions:

Removing Inner Blocks,    Anger Journal,    Guided Anxiety Journal    Joy & Mindfulness Journal     My Boundaries Journal   My Inner Thoughts Journal 

Lastly, please explore my 2 books designed to help you go through the healing steps: Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It and How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level are available in paperback and Kindle. Audiobooks are available for the busy person!

I hope you’ll poke around my Archived Posts to find a wonderful trove of supportive and encouraging posts! Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Follow my blog! If you want to become a Guest writer, please contact me and we’ll work out the details!

More good stuff:

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Tamara Archived Posts:

My books: Now available through!

Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It and How to Heal Your Life on a Deep Heart Level are available in paperback and Kindle. Audio books available!

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4 thoughts on “Posts for Mental Health Day October 10

  1. Speaking kindly to oneself is essential. If one needs three nice things to be said to just come even with one bad thing that is said, then there is no possible way to do that if you are not speaking kindly to yourself. This is something that I keep trying to impress on Child #3, but so far it’s falling on deaf ears. 😔

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    1. Keep going! It’s amazing what seeps through even the thickest walls of resistance! There will be resistance, because you’re mom, and you’re “supposed” to love them no matter what!

      As the more experienced person you know that’s not always true, but children have those expectations. Kept doing what you’re doing! If only a fraction of what you say enters their heart, you will have made a difference.

      Child 3 will learn eventually that it’s also up to each of us to allow our hearts to open up to healing, even if it is scary!

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