What good is Intuition to us?

Intuition… we pretty much all have it, but we don’t always use it. Often it just gets ignored.

Intuition gets dismissed as a weak, feminine trait that can’t be trusted. If men follow their intuition, they call it “following their gut”, yet isn’t that exactly what it is?

I believe in intuition and following it, for our subconscious minds can pick up on clues that our logical minds aren’t able to see yet. I know the more I trust my gut, the better my decisions are.

I also believe there is a flow to how the universe sets things up, and we attune to it by following our intuition.

Intuition without knowing facts is operating blindly, but if we get the facts, then when our intuition kicks in, we can have faith that the universe will help us to work things out, in ways we wouldn’t have thought of.

How well have you been following your intuition lately? Are you rejecting it in favor of pure logical thinking? I suggest allowing yourself to get reconnected with it because that is how our Angels, God, Source, etc. speak to our hearts!

How do we reconnect with the soft, inner voice?

By acknowledging it and following it.

If it brings up fear or anxiety, then don’t do it. If you’re not ready you don’t have to!

Just take a mental note of what happens after you feel the quiet inner voice speaking. Were you happy you listened, or do you regret it, seeing that if you had then you could have changed things?

By observing what happens after, we can see that even if we don’t logically understand why the soft inner voice is telling us something, making the connections between the before and the events that follow, we can develop trust in our gut feelings.

I’ve consciously done this exercise and it helped me see the connections in my own life between the gut feelings and what ended up happening. Later on, I was able to choose to follow a gut feeling, and follow up with how things turned out. I was surprised at how accurate those gut feelings were and marveled at how I had been given the information I couldn’t have otherwise known.

When do we disconnect from it?

We disconnect from our intuition when we choose to ignore it, or when we dismiss or diminish it as knowledge that isn’t “good” enough.

I remember years ago people asking me “how do you know this” when I spoke about some things very intuitively. I couldn’t give them a satisfactory answer such as from XYZ university, teacher, or book, so through their dismissive responses, I also learned to dismiss my own intuition.

Only when I was working on taking back the remote control for my life, unlearning so many lies I had been taught about myself (and punished for), and taking on full ownership of who I was, did I get reconnected with my intuition.

Intuition serves us in so many ways.

For the religious person, it is how God and the Angels speak to us, giving us “knowings” and nudges to guide us.

For the non-religious, it is how the universe speaks to us individually, helping us on our journeys.

(I use both the religious and the non-religious terms in my writing, for the lessons and the knowledge I’m seeking to share straddle both worlds, for we all have the same emotions.)

No matter which part of the spiritual spectrum you identify with, God and the universe gave us intuition so we can develop our inner compass, so we can have the inner knowing to keep us safely on course, right where we need to be!

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41 thoughts on “What good is Intuition to us?

  1. I agree Tamara, it’s so important to listen to our intuition. The problem for me is when I don’t want to because I don’t like what it’s telling me! I’ve also had experience of someone basing their intuition on inaccurate assumptions which was particularly upsetting and unsettling for me. What is your opinion on this I wonder? When our intuition is based on incorrect interpretation.

    Thank you for your thought provoking post.

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    1. Inaccurate interpretation… I wouldn’t have thought that was possible before the pandemic, but then I was making predictions about car buying and house buying based on what I knew historically, not knowing what I didn’t know, yet I had a very unsettled feeling in my gut. I attributed the unsettled feeling to the overall angst the pandemic was bringing up, for all of us, that I wasn’t able to properly tune into my intuition.

      I think our gut feelings are there, but when we try to overlay our logic, we make wrong interpretations and assumptions, then we inaccurately blame our intuition, when in reality it was our logical side kicking in and offering interpretations without the full span of knowledge or information.

      There is a difference, though it can be difficult to distinguish at times, especially if our gut is telling us something contrary to what we really want to do. Then we’re very torn.

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  2. I SO RELATE. I have ignored my intuition/gut feeling for a really long time especially when it comes to finding a partner. But in this last year, I have become very in tune with my intuition, walking away from anything that my gut is telling me off about. While I don’t believe in God, I am spiritual and I do feel like the spirits are guiding me on my journey and now, I am finally trusting them. 🙂

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    1. Yay! That’s amazing! I love how you’re leaning into your intuition to help guide your decisions! Sometimes our subconscious minds pick up on clues that our logical mind misses, and sometimes it’s just serendipitous information given to us by our guides!

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  3. Hello, Tamara, I used to be able to listen to my intuition, and it was rarely wrong. However, since I’ve been struggling with life so much, I’m not aware of it anymore. I’m not a religious person, but I will listen out for the Universe whispering to me. Losing my intuition recently hadn’t occurred to me until I read this post, so thank you for sharing it and making me more aware that it is there somewhere.

    I sent off for a copy of two of your books, which arrived this afternoon. I can only afford to keep one, but I wanted to see them both before deciding which I would benefit from most. I’ve got Developing Happiness (when you can’t find it) and How to Heal Your Life (on a deep heart level). Knowing part of me as you do from our conversations, would you recommend one or the other in particular, please? When I have read the first one, I will hopefully, be able to afford to reorder the second one again. Thank you for all the helpful advice given to me in our chats. It might not seem like I’m getting very far yet, but I’m not giving up. I’ve just got to get over losing my therapist next. I have four weeks left with her. I don’t know how I’m going to cope with us. It feels like an impossibility at the moment, but I realise my life (in whatever form it takes) will have to continue in one way or another. Sending you peace and love … Ellie Xx 💝🌷💞

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    1. Wow! Thanks for thus amazing feedback!

      Instead of giving you an answer straight away (there really is no order to read the books, nor is there a requirement to read them from front to back, skipping around is perfectly fine), I would like you to take a few moments to flip through the books and see what jumps out at you.

      Even if you’re not a religious person, offering up a little prayer to your Angels and the universe to guide you with this choice.

      I believe in synchronicity as well as intuition, and have seen how the universe gives us signals for our next steps.

      Take a little time to allow your heart to feel, and see what speaks out to you. There isn’t any best order for learning.

      Let me know what happens from this little experiment!

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      1. Thank you for getting back to me so soon, Tamara. I will definitely try this. It’s good to know that I don’t need to read the books from cover to cover in one go, as I find it easier to dip in and out of books until I find the right and comfortable place to settle. I have a quiet day tomorrow, so will definitely give your suggestions a go and will get back to you to let you know what I find works for me. Thank you once again for all your wonderful support. You make a difference. Xx 💛

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        1. When I was still very broken I didn’t have the mental bandwidth to read anything cover to cover. I chose to approach books as a pantry, where I could pull out 1 thing at a time.

          Trying to absorb all the lessons is very overwhelming, and leads many to give up, feeling it’s too much.

          If we try to learn just 1 new thing and put it into practice, already we ahead!

          Yes, allow your intuition to work, allow your Angels to guide you, to spotlight the one thing!

          Thanks so much for all your positive feedback! I see the universe is working with you!

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  4. Beautifully spoken Tamara, we will be surprised in just how much that connection is there. It is a permanent part of us, just as love is. It only ever ‘weakens’ when we block it, as in our fears. But each time we go through something, by experiencing those hard or happy things, we open to it more and more. Love is indeed an amazing thing, we ever search for that love and happiness, so it speaks to us. And it speaks every language known to man…and many more. Great post, thank you for sharing 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Thank you Mark, I like how you connect love with intuition and blocking it because of our fears. Fear blocks intuition just as effectively as it blocks love. Intuition then becomes an extention of the love God, our Angels and the universe have for us, for they provide it for our benefit. This is a wonderful connection to make!

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      1. I was blessed with being shown just how love is a part of all we are. Blocking it in our fears blocks so much else, it is all connected. Now don’t get me wrong, there are ‘gift’s’ within that can still go beautifully, so full of love…but our fears will still block much else. I suppose it is like anything, we can be open in many ways but blocked in others. In my journey I had a very strong intuition, but I was blocking it in my fear of rejection. So much so it took me years to stand in that truth of my intuition, scared to be labelled something and feeling rejected in that. And as I dared to look into my heart I opened to it more and more, until I finally ‘saw’ what was holding me back in my fears and understood it. Then the flood gates opened and my heart healing work truly began. And all because of that inner love, in loving myself I can now see that love, or lack of, in another. We are indeed all a very unique beautiful species finding our ways in seeing who we are, each step we take 😀❤️🙏🏽

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        1. Yes, yes! Fear blocks us from growing and from understanding, while love allows us to expand into our higher selves. Love is a key factor in the universe and being open also means learning to love ourselves. By doing this we’re much better at being able to love others in far less judgemental ways.

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  5. Taking back the remote control of my life — that’s brilliant, Tamara. I’d say that I experience anxiety when I don’t listen to my intuition. It’s like a double-dose of “why aren’t you getting this?” Thank you for the encouragement and reminder to trust our gut! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Ah yes, when I heard that expression a few years ago, a light bulb lit up in my mind, because I could really visualize it. I experience anxiety too when I don’t listen to my intuition, kind of like looking carefully around corners to see what might be lying in wait! LOL Joking aside, that’s probably exactly how I feel, as I wait nervously for everything to play out and show me why I shouldda listened!

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  6. I felt really disconnected from the universe for while and it really threw me off. I’m trying to reconnect and listen to that voice we all have inside us that guides us. Great post as always!

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    1. Thank so much! I understand, I’ve gone through periods of time where I felt disconnected from my intuition, but then it would come back when I needed it. Sometimes the nudges are barely whispers and other times they’re very strong. Listening to the quiet ones takes practice because it’s easy to question if we felt it at all! Glad you’re getting back on track!

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  7. Insightful reading, Tamara. Like Rosaliene mentioned, I have learned to trust my intuition more and more. The facts are helpful, yes, but intuition is the true test. A few years ago, I ignored my intuition, because all the “facts” said to go in one direction. I followed the facts, and they steered me wrong. I learned a valuable lesson!

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    1. Yes, I’ve learned to listen to mine too, even if the facts all line up, because invariably there’s something that was missed during the fact gathering. Thank goodness for this sense, right?!

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  8. I’ve also learned through experience to trust my intuition. An incident while walking on a deserted street in Fortaleza/Brazil–one of Brazil’s most violent cities–still gives me goosebumps as it did that day when I paid close attention to a man approaching me from the other end of the street. I knew then that he would attempt to rob/assault me. When we finally came face to face, I looked him in the face and smiled. He smiled back and walked on by. I cannot explain why I intuitively smiled at a potential assailant. Like you said, we know things but cannot explain how we know them.

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    1. I’ve had similar kinds of experiences. One person told me it was a good thing I said hello and smiled because he saw I was a good person and he wouldn’t want to hurt me. Scared me, and I scurried out of there as fast as I could. So glad I felt the impulse to be friendly in a situation that creeped me out. Sometimes we just never know.

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  9. Oooh! I like that. I am just coming back to my intuition. It used to be very strong with me, but I stopped listening. I remember one time God nudged me to visit my adopted grandmother. I didn’t want to and I was too busy. She died two days later. I try not to ignore His nudgings any more. You never know when a kind word or deed can change someone’s life or if it may be the last time you can.

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    1. Good to see you again Rita! I hope life has given you some breathing room lately! Yes, isn’t it amazing how God can inspire us to do things by giving us nudges? I see the hand of God, the Angels, and the universe at play when I listen to those nudges. It helps me to believe more and more that they do indeed have my back! This helps me through the times when I am ready for things to move forward and yet, life still idles in the same gear!

      I realize that since we’re all beings with free will, my next move may be predicated on waiting for someone else to make a decision to act upon their nudges. The apartment I’m currently in came about through a series of very strong nudges, to go visit this particular apartment complex at that time. It was in a section that didn’t have a lot of vacancies, due to its position, and a few months after moving in the pandemic broke, so I was able to shelter in my own space instead of the basement room I was renting from a lady. It was a much more enjoyable way of spending the pandemic.

      I’m grateful for the nudges and have also learned that when a period of time goes by without them, that’s okay too, for I know that things are being worked out on my behalf behind the scenes, and when the time is right, I will be given another nudge! I think and pray about you and your family; I’m sure that your next phase in life will occur in the best possible timing!

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