The dandelion does not stop growing because it is told it is a weed!

“And the dandelion does not stop growing because it is told it is a weed.
The dandelion does not care what others see.
It says, “One day they will be making wishes upon me!”
– B. Atkinson

Every person and every thing created on this earth has a purpose, even if we haven’t yet discovered what it is!

Do not despair if you feel you haven’t found your purpose or connected with anything you want to do with your life.

Don’t despair if you feel you have completed what you thought was your mission on earth, and now don’t know what to do with yourself!

A mission in life

There really is no such thing as having only one BIG purpose!

We are beings who change and evolve over time, so it is very natural for our interests to shift, or for us to feel disconnected from a purpose we were once passionate about!

Be patient with yourself, for the universe has a way of gently (or abruptly) leading us to our next phase of life!

While you wait for a new door or window to make itself apparent to you, keep doing what you need to in order to keep your life running smoothly!

Be open to new experiences, and above all, FOLLOW YOUR JOY!

I have found that new opportunities sometimes come up when I’m in the midst of just going about the business of my life!

No photo credit , Graphics by Tamara Kulish

Not everyone will understand

Very importantly: don’t give up just because others don’t feel your dream or purpose is valid.

Who you are is unique! There is only one YOU!

Not everyone will understand you, in fact it’s vey difficult to get even just a few people who understand us!

Hoping or expecting others to understand us, and then feeling let down when they don’t is a recipe for feeling crushed. It is very possible that you find yourself planted among people who just don’t and probably will not be able to understand you.

The courage to be ourselves

It takes courage to give ourselves permission to be our authentic, inner selves!

There is no inner compromise, for when we don’t allow ourselves to live our lives in the most authentic way we know how, part of us feels like it is dying!

The inner pain of not living authentically creates deep anxiety and is a root cause for addictions or mental illness, so self-medicating comes into play when this is the case.

You are worthy of living your life fully, being who you are!

No photo credit , Graphics by Tamara Kulish

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