Self-worth is so vital to your happiness

“Self-worth is so vital to your happiness. If you don’t feel good about you, it’s hard to feel good about anything else.”

It took a lot of work to teach myself to first like and then to love myself, so deep was the damage to my spirit from abuse.

If you’ve suffered abuse or a lot of criticism, it may be very difficult to think of yourself in positive terms.

I know I did. Saying “I like myself” or “I am worthy” made me feel very uncomfortable. It didn’t seem to apply to me.

For years I suffered with anxiety and with depression, but when I decided to heal and to teach myself to like myself, those negative feelings diminished I’d say by 95%!

I’ll still get twinges of those old feeling when I’m feeling more vulnerable, but now I have the tools to catch myself, and to work the same positive affirmations which helped me to heal before. Having done it, I know the steps to take to get my heart and spirit balanced and feeling positive again.

You are able to to this too. It will take work, because you’ll need to keep pouring positive messages into your spirit to clean out the old negative tapes.

Let me give you an analogy:

Imagine a dirty glass of water, and you need to get the dirty water out, but you can’t pour out the water. What do you do?

If the dirty glass of water is placed beneath the faucet, and clean water flows in, eventually the clean water displaces the dirty water.

Your negative thoughts about yourself are represented by the dirty water, and speaking positive thoughts to yourself is the clean water replacing the old.

Our emotions are tied to old traumas, to working on healing from those emotional wounds is a crucial part of this work!

Even if you start small (and I recommend you do), you start the cleansing and healing process! Little by little, as you gain confidence in yourself, you’ll be able to handle the harder stuff! Don’t be afraid to get help through this!

You are worthwhile! You are deserving!

Have a wonderful day!

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