Sustainable Living| Types of Content I Avoid Watching

Here a post which captures a pet peeve of mine perfectly, which is the amount of waste which gets promoted by influencers, and then viewers try it out for themselves because it looks like fun!

I’ve sounded like an old hippie when I’ve talked about the environment and our impact on it.

Honestly, if you’re someone who wants to help the environment and reduce your own carbon footprint but you find these videos irresistible and you can’t help yourself by trying it out for yourself, please consider NOT watching these videos!

If you get triggered into similar behavior, please consider cutting it off at the source!

Like Moksha says, drop by drop. We either add to the problems or we choose not to! Here’s a great way not to!


Happy Panda

Leading a sustainable life is difficult especially more so when the content you consume on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms do very little to promote sustainability. I realize now that a lot of my consumerism was driven by the content I consumed. Watching bloggers in pretty dresses in their travel photos would make me want to shop before each vacation of mine. I’ve tried to steer clear of some “types” of content that help me not fall into the loop of consumerism and waste. So here are some types of content to avoid to make it easier to follow a sustainable lifestyle –

I. Shopping Haul Videos

5 basics from Zara/H&M/Shein/<Insert Brand> that you need now/can buy for less than INR500/are perfect for the summerand all other shopping hauls

This is the main type of content that I avoid watching. I’m not going to lie –…

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