Just do your best with what you have, at this time!

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Just do your best with what you have, at this time! You don’t need to be perfect! When we stop negatively judging ourselves, we have much more available energy to see all the positives going on around us! -Tamara Kulish

I used to think I had to be much further along with my skills before I could/should start something new, then I discovered that I could start small and slowly, with the skills I had at the tie, and build on them as I went along!

Anyone who has a Blog will understand this, and if you’ve been writing for more than a few months, you have already been able to see that your writing skills have improved by the practice and hard work you’ve put in!

In this fast paced world where we’re expected to “hit the ground running”, we get caught up in the notion that we need to be an expert in everything before we announce to others or ourselves that we’re going to start something new. However, every single one of the skills we now count ourselves as expert in had its start with us floundering at first until we got better!

As we get older and more experienced, our expectations of ourselves get higher, to the detriment of feeling “up to the task” of trying or embarking on something new!

I believe in the concept of giving ourselves permission to do something.

I believe in giving ourselves permission to become a beginner once again, to not expect perfection, and to give ourselves space to grow and learn!

Many of my biggest accomplishments started out very small, where I knew very little about the HOWS but I started with baby steps and kept learning and getting better at it!

Try giving yourself permission to start small, and to learn as you go along your new path!

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