Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan!

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“Dream Big!”, “Live your dream!”… these are things we’re encouraged to have as our personal mantras to grow and manifest the lives we want.

Having a dream can be daydream material, like buying a lotto ticket is – unless you actually do something, like check the winning numbers to find out if you’ve won anything. It’s nice to daydream about what life would be like if…

A dream which is nothing more than a daydream can affect us negatively, this may seem to be counterintuitive to having one in the first place!

The thing is, having a dream is wonderful, but if we don’t take action to make a plan, and break it down into small steps, it can feel overwhelming to many people!

When we don’t accomplish even a few small steps, we can start to feel like a failure, for we know deep down inside ourselves that we’re procrastinating! Procrastination is a huge contributor to anxiety and other mental health issues. At the root of procrastination is a fear of failure!

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Funny thing with Dreams, we don’t need to accomplish them all at once!

When we sit down to plan it out, we see that there are multiple steps we need to do to make it happen! Many of those steps can be further broken down into smaller tasks, so what was once a large ephemeral thing which seemed nice to think about but hard to actually do, then becomes do-able!

Instead of just continuing to daydream, start creating a plan!

Some of the steps may seem scarier than others, so this is a good time to sit with each fear that comes up and just analyze it to figure out if it’s something from the past which is rearing its head, or if there’s something else going on!

I know that when my own fears start to pop up I need to just acknowledge them, for taking cetain steps makes it ALL seem very real, like there’s no backing out!

This is the point where many of us start to self-sabotage, because we allow our fears to get the best of us!

Self-sabotage can take the form of procrastinating from doing certain steps, talking ourselves out of taking that step and trying to justify it before we even give it a chance!

Make your plan, then take a first step! Even a baby step is great, because it breaks the ice and gets the ball rolling!

Remember to congratulate yourself for each step you take! Speak positively to yourself! Build yourself up. Practice suspending the inner judgement you may have gotten very good at blasting yourself with! (If you find that inner blocks are an issue which keep coming up, a Guided Journal may really help you to see your patterns and help you figure out how to move beyond them! Removing Inner Blocks)

Every step we take, small or large, brings us closer to accomplishing our dreams and turning them into our reality!

We tend to underestimate the small steps, but in reality they are vital to building our self-confidence!

If a bigger step seems to be daunting and you feel frozen in place, try breaking it down into smaller steps! You’d be surprised to see what you can accomplish by doing this, and who knows, you may end up checking off a few larger items on your to-do list!

PS: You can be working on more than one dream at a time!

I’m doing this myself! I’m going to be announcing my newest audio book going live very shortly, and to reach this goal it took a series of small steps to accomplish! At the beginning of August I’ll be having a solo showing of some of my paintings, and I still need to photograph all of them to have them available on Fine Art America to buy merch. Another dream I’m still working on is to get into buying investment properties, but I had to first work on my credit rating and save a down-payment, both of which required working out a strict budget and then sticking to it longterm.

No matter what you dream of doing, there are do-able steps you can take to achive your goals.

If you’re not certain of what steps to take, brainstorming with others, networking with like minded people, joining online groups for support, taking classes or webinars, finding a mentor, are all ways to learn how to get things going!

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  1. I loved the title – it captures and delivers your message so we’ll, and instantly inspired me to check in how well I am doing this or not. So appreciate you sharing your multifaceted talents and pursuits – very motivating to keep going.

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