Speak of the past gratefully…

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Sometimes it can be hard to think about the past gratefully isn’t it?

How is this possible, you may ask, if you’ve had a very difficult, even traumatic past?

Part of healing and changing our mindset to become positive is to seek out the lessons we’ve learned from our different experiences.

If we focus on the negative things from those times, it can be very difficult to heal and move beyond feeling continued deep emotional pain in our daily lives. If we stay in this space even after the experience has ended, not only do we not heal, but we reinforce the pains we’ve endured and live only in survival mode.

Survival mode is important to get us through those times, but it’s not a way to live when we’re no longer in danger physically/spiritually/emotionally or otherwise.

By staying in survival mode it’s very difficult to feel joy, happiness or even security for any length of time before guardedness and self-protection causes us to close ourselves off in a need to cover our vulnerability.

As we work on our healing we feel less vulnerable because we have come to know our strengths more than our weaknesses!

As you work on your healing, focus on the incredible person you are becoming and the deep lessons you have learned! This allows us to feel grateful for our pasts, even when they were traumatic, for those experiences have created within you great depths and richness!!

As you see these jewels emerging from the tragedies, know you have incredible strength and skills to handle your life, present and future, so you can feel excitement about the future!!

As for the present? Enjoy it! Breathe it in! Cherish the moments and the people who are in your life you are choosing for yourself!


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