How people treat you is their karma… How you react is yours…

“How people treat you is their karma… How you react is yours…” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Knee jerk reactions, gut reactions, emotional reactions… whether we control our reactions or whether they just seem to come out of nowhere, we’re all responsible and accountable for our responses.

I’ve found that when we have a more gracious or positive outlook, that the negative reactions are lessened and less intense. I guess because we train ourselves to first try to see the bigger picture instead of jumping to the worst possible conclusions first!

This does take practice if we’re accustomed to getting angry or dramatic first, because our Amygdala has been trained to respond with those emotions.

The good news is that we can all retrain our responses to become calmer and that helps our brains to process all the information and not just what we feel may be an attack.

We don’t need to continually be angry or anxious in our relationships with people. If we change our responses, many times that is enough to defuse a situation. If not, we still have the option of walking away, and not getting into confrontations.

I have observed angry people seem to get into confrontations frequently, because their radar is so hypersensitive to any possible attack against them, that they often react first, almost to try to head off the perceived attack.

On the other hand, I’ve observed that peaceful people can interact with the very same people and if there were any danger of attack it seems to get defused quickly.

How we react isn’t set in stone! We each have the ability to work on getting our Amygdalas to calm down, to re-train our brains to feel calmer, even to reach the point of not needing to cautiously anticipate an attack.

You’ve heard that we’re known by the company we keep? Well the people around us do affect us. If we’re around angry or toxic people, we’re going to respond to those circumstances.

I have selected the people I allow into my inner circle, and have removed myself from relationships or circumstances which were detrimental to my spirit. I may have fewer people in that circle, but they’re all cherished for being wonderful human beings!

I encourage each person to look inwards and make the choices which will lead to greater happiness and inner peace!

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