Did you know these things about GRATITUDE?

Did you know gratitude…
– Shields you from negativity
– Makes you at least 25% happier
– Rewires your brain
– Eliminated stress
– Heals
– Improves sleep
– Boosts self-esteem and performance
– Enhances the law of Attraction
– Improves relationships

Years ago I’d heard about the wonderful benefits of gratitude, but when I was raw with the pain of hurts, both from my unhealed past and from the difficulties I was still going through, my anxiety and depression got in the way of being able to feel grateful.

I was too raw. I was in too much pain.

So how was I able to move from that place to where I am now, living in gratitude and at peace?

Baby steps. It took lots and lots of baby steps.

That’s all I was capable of doing then, not because I didn’t want to heal and progress, but because my anxiety and depression were too easily triggered. When they were, I’d have to stop and do my best to deal with my raw emotions which sprang up and overtook me.

Persistence. It takes persistence. Lots of baby steps and persistence to keep taking them.

Eventually, by dripping positivity into our souls we overcome the negativity. Not by aggressively rooting out the negativity, but by gently pouring in the positive!

This is how we heal! When we heal we’re able to feel grateful for life and the million daily miracles we experience, instead of anger or raw pain from the damage.

Positivity through personalized affirmations, helps the spirit to heal and learn to feel okay about feeling okay, well, and positive, instead of feeling fearful for the next onslaught!

So, if you’re feeling down on yourself for NOT being able to feel gratitude, it may well be because your raw, unhealed areas are interfering with this ability!

You’re not a bad person, not a bad Christian (or other religious/spirituality) but simply someone who needs healing!

You can work on your own healing by taking baby steps!

Keep taking them! It’s do-able! You can do this! You’re worthy! You are loved!

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