Gratitude, Joy and Synchronicity

Finding gratitude is key for developing a peaceful spirit and having peace of mind. Also super happy that you’re going to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle! This is super not only for handling body weight, but for handling stress too!

For any reader who struggles with finding gratitude because of feeling overwhelmed, the key I discovered was to write down joyful moments! Even or I should say, especially the small fleeting ones.

Why? In times of great stress the mind can become blinded to seeing things in a positive way. The spirit can become so burdened that feeling positive seems hollow and possible solutions seem to be too far from the current reality.

By writing down the small moments of joy, we give ourselves something to hold onto. Interestingly, as we mindfully set about to notice and write down these moments, our mind and spirit becomes more open to seeing other moments, which would otherwise go unnoticed!

This is a small thing we can do for ourselves, and surprisingly it can become our life raft, the very thing which helps lift us out of our crisis mode.

Stress and severe problems can attack the confidence of the strongest people. When our spirit is strong we can withstand the stress and see solutions. However, we’ve all experienced moments or times when we weren’t up to the task and have struggled to keep our heads above water.

How we perceive a situation is crucial to being able to overcome it and move beyond it.

When our hearts are burdened we struggle to feel positive about anything. So starting with small things is then crucial to becoming able to get strong enough to turn the light switch on in our minds and hearts and to send the shadows fleeing.

Joy. It can be tiny moments, but add them together they can become a bucketful, a lake full and even feel as expansive as an ocean! Finding moments of joy and holding onto them is very important!

Joy also helps us see Divine Synchronicity!

Synchronicity is the timing of events. When we’re closed we brush it off as coincidental. Yet when we’re open we can see that the Divine has had a hand in the timing!

Please, as you write down your moments of joy, take note of the timing when it happened! As you begin to notice more and more moments of Joy, You’ll also see the Divine timing, and come to see that the Creator, the Universe has your back!

The Creator, the Universe always has our back! Even when it feels like we’ve been abandoned! There’s much being worked out on our behalf that is all for our greater good!

Unfortunately this doesn’t always mean that things will turn our the way we want them to, or that what happens next will feel good. Sometimes it means more difficulties to deal with, as we all live in a world where other people’s actions can and will affect us.

The greater good refers to the deep life lessons we otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to learn, and that’s fundamentally part of why we’re here in this present time!

Joy leads to Gratitude, which leads to a Peaceful mind and spirit! It’s connected. So even the person who has suffered greatly and struggles inwardly to feel gratitude, choosing to see joyful moments and feelings will be able to heal and move forward.

Go ahead, try it for yourself!

Peace to you all and many blessings as you find Joy!


Wishing everyone a wonderful future!

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17 thoughts on “Gratitude, Joy and Synchronicity

  1. Tamara, your writing flows like a stream in the summer morning. I understand stress, and know that it blocks not only the creative process, but life, itself. I believe once you release your fears all universal gifts will be yours. Thank you for a timeless reminder, we as humans must continue to move in a positive direction. Mnay blessings…C.L.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Writing flows like a steam in the summer morning”! I’m deeply honored with you comment! Thank you so much! Many blessings to you too!

      Peace, Tamara


        1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so grateful and honored by them! I’m so happy we’ve connected and have become friends too!!😍


    1. You’re very welcome! Judging by what you wrote, you seem to have a good handle on it! I wrote more for the readers who may not have the tools you do! If you find help in my words I’m very happy and grateful!

      Peace, Tamara


  2. I am grateful to know of all the work you have done in this area of profound transformation. I too believe Gratitude is the most powerful attitude and for some it can take the deep willingness to find it with the innate joy of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😍 *smiling!* this is truly the toughest work to do isn’t it?! You’ve obviously done this work on yourself or you wouldn’t be able to recognize it in the deep way you do!!

      I remember when I was young and I’d pray with people, asking God to give me wisdom… people became pale and nervous. When I asked why they were responding that way, they said to be very careful of what I asked for. When I pressed further, they said that God gives us trials to teach us and through those lessons we slowly become wise.

      I see wisdom in your words, not just knowledge!!

      Peace, Tamara

      Liked by 1 person

        1. You’re so welcome! You’re a person whose spirit sees vastly and shares! I’m delighted and awed at your vision and your skill!

          I’m so glad you gave me the link for this poem! Truly it expresses the heart of the whole picture when we ask for something! When we ask and we receive something different, and it doesn’t feel good, in the Universe’s wisdom we are given what we need!

          When we choose to be grateful and use the gloves of care you speak of, we can see the positives in the gift!

          When I look back on my life, there were long stretches where it wasn’t what I would have ever chosen, yet the lessons learned were far deeper than if I had been given only the positives I had asked for!

          There’s always what feels like positives and negatives, yet when we look back and see what has come out of the negatives, haw can we say it was negative when it helped us develop in ways we never would have dreamed of!

          I adore your poetry! You capture the essence and we’d it so beautifully!

          Blessings! Tamara

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