Time to order Autograph and Summer Memory books!

It’s getting to the end of the school year, and that means kids will be eager to start their summers! Ah, the freedom!

Parents, grand-parents, family and friends: be sure to order your copies of the kids Autograph Books before the school year ends to capture wonderful school memories!

It’s a good time to also order the Summer Memories book, so your kids can write down all the full and excitement that’s in store for them!

You’ll treasure these in the years to come and will be happy that you’ve captured wonderful memories!

Peace to you all and may you have a wonderful end of the school year!


Children’s Books 8.25″ x 6″ Pocket size

Autograph book childrens page button

Appropriate for elementary school! Keep the memories of each grade in elementary school! Buy one for each grade!

These make great party favors… be the awesome parent who buys one for each child in class!

Get your friend’s AUTOGRAPHS! They get to write out messages for you to remember them at this age, draw their face, write the best jokes! Ask your teachers to write what they’ll remember about you! Have fun! Draw! Color!
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Summer Memories childrens book page button

Great for elementary school kids. A++ Summer Memories! This is a kid friendly journal to record fun summer activities, events and memories!

Good to refer back to when the teacher asks to write that “What I did on my Summer Vacation” essay! A wonderful memento of the entire summer!

Makes a great party favor! Give the whole series as a gift! Buy a few, one for each summer of childhood and for each child! Each time you do something fun, write about it in these pages Not only will you impress your teachers with your awesome notes, but when you grow up you can look back and remember the fun you had!
#memories #summer #fun #kids #activities #activitybook #events #mysummervacation #vacation #school #essays #vacationjournal #kidsjournal

More great books and journals for kids:

Awesome Guests childrens book page button

Appropriate for K-12! Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzva, family event, sleepover, etc., and want to create forever memories?

Keep the memories of your awesome guests who came to this awesome event! This will make a great party favor for each of your guests to remember your event forever!

Definitely keep a few on hand for impromptu gifts! Get your friend’s AUTOGRAPHS! They get to write out messages for you to remember them, draw their face,write the best jokes! Have fun! Draw! Color!
#memories #events #autographs #friends #friendship #school #birthday #forever #birthday #barmitsva #batmitzva #sleepover

My Sports childrens book page button

Good for kids K-12! This is a kid friendly journal style book for kids to keep track of the sports they play, what their coach tells them, the scores for games, and their feelings and thoughts about each game.

The first few pages of this book are for recording some stats and other cool info… …then starting on page 31 there’s plenty of pages to record what happened in each game or practice! Makes a great gift or party favor!
#sports #kids #summer #games #memories #teamsports #individualsports #journal #team

My Thoughts childrens book page button

Appropriate for kids in elementary school. My Thoughts! …about anything and EVERYTHING!

This is a journal designed for kids to start expressing their feelings and thoughts in kid friendly pages!

Sometimes it can be difficult being a kid! Emotions can feel wild and powerful! Here’s a kid friendly space to write your feelings and thoughts, to get them out of your head! When you get them out, sometimes it’s much easier to then talk about them! Of course, they can stay right here if you choose!
#joy #journal #writing #journalwriting #joyjournal #handlingemotions #emotionjournal #feelingsjournal #emotions #anger #pain

Did I Say That childrens book page button

This is a perfect journal for Elementary school level kids! Is there a bit of a gap between what you say and what you MEANT to say?

Here’s a mini journal to record those moments, so you can start to see your inner patterns! To grow, first we must see! This is a great place to practice what to say, so other people understand clearly!
#memories #journal #emotions #friends #friendship #family #writing #learning #joy #journalwriting #joyjournal #handlingemotions #emotionjournal #feelingsjournal

Children’s Books 8″ x 10″ Full size

My Travel Journal childrens book page button

Off to see the world? Or a part of it?

This Travel Journal will help you record (and remember) those Big and little moments! Travelling is fun! Many times when we look back on our travel adventures, we remember the little moments better! Why?

We get to see things about ourselves or friends and family that make us smile and laugh long after the moment is gone! The unexpected has a way of making the happiest of memories! Suitable for kids or the Big Kid in you!
#kids #travel #memories #journal #fun #family #activities #activity #friends #adventure #memory

My Thoughts Full size childrens book page button

Let’s face it, writing in a journal isn’t always fun! This full size journal has been created for people who like to do things a little bit differently!

Sometimes life can be difficult! Here’s a friendly space to write your feelings and thoughts, to get them out of your head! When you get them out, sometimes it’s much easier to then talk about them! Of course, they can stay right here if you choose!

What one big difference? There’s no lines! Some people like to write straight across, while others prefer to write on a slant or even in a circle! You decide! Mix it up if you want to!

Suitable for kids or the Big Kid in you!
#journal #funjournal #fun #kids #journaling #write #draw


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7 thoughts on “Time to order Autograph and Summer Memory books!

  1. Interesting work Tamara. I’m not a kid, but I could use a journal, so I’m thinking about it. Right now I just jot everything down on a page and then shred it when it fills up. But then you lose your progression of thought.


    1. Thanks! Creating different tools for people’s lives… topics: healing, learning, relaxation, fun, etc!

      I’ve got a few different journals published (see my growing list on my Journals tab!) and am working on creating a few more!

      Is there a theme you’d be interested in? Maybe I could create some for people’s spiritual journeys! This is something I’m loving to do… my healing/personal introspection journals have a review section at the end to take an overview of what was written and to see what was learned!

      I think journaling work done with a focus is more powerful and also more helpful to a person than just a general one, otherwise stuff gets all mashed together!

      By separating journals into different themes, we get more focus and can learn much more form the process!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. in my school we used to have a calendar or diary that we used to note down homework etc . At the end of the year we would get autographs from our friends and teachers . I had a load of these diaries which I treasured till one day I couldn’t put a face to the names in the books ! That’s when I realised it was time to make new , fresher memories .
    But I love that last day of school feeling and enjoy seeing smiles of relief on the faces of the kids as they hear that bell for one last time.


    1. The making of memories is an important part of our lives even if we don’t remember every detail in later years! It’s the moment which counts! I’m surprised how things I didn’t think were of much consequence when I was younger took on more significance when I was older! I grew up in a time when having an autograph book was normal and I used mine for many years, accumulating autographs from friends over the years! When I went through times of difficulty or even depression, looking through the momentos I kept help cheer me!


      1. I somehow never had an autograph book but ny husband had one that he used to collect the signatures and messages of the celebrity visitors to his school and home. He gave the book to my daughters with a warning to guard it well!


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