Baby steps serve a purpose to allow us to keep moving forward!

Baby steps serve a purpose to allow us to keep moving forward at a pace we can handle when we feel overwhelmed, and to help rebuild our crushed self confidence! Keep going! You can do this! Baby steps, my dears!

Tamara Kulish

Fear doesn’t always present itself as a strong feeling of fear, but often masquerades as self-doubt which can bloom into a panic attack if pushed too quickly!

When those feelings come up within us they feel SO uncomfortable that many of us will hastily retreat back into our comfort zones.

We then make excuses for ourselves to justify NOT getting pushed into something which is quite frankly very triggering!

Years can go by, where we have very strong mixed feelings. On one hand we may crave to achieve something we dream of, and on the other hand we’re faced with sometimes crippling feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

Our pasts come into play if we’ve received criticism about ourselves or wanting to accomplish something that no one in our family or community has done. This can amplify our own self doubts about ourselves.

I’ve found that the best way to tackle many of my goals and projects was to break them down into much smaller steps. Something didn’t seem quite so intimidating or triggering if I took it even one tiny baby step at a time!

I read an article on MBGhealth which encapsulates the thought of doing small mindful things to help reduce stress and anxiety, “A bite-sized recipe to increase happiness.”

When it comes to amplifying your joy, sometimes it really is the little things that count. Just ask Kristin Neff, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of self-compassion and associate professor in human development at the University of Texas at Austin: On the mindbodygreen podcast, she shares a bite-size practice that is scientifically shown to increase happiness and stabilize mood. “A very simple practice is something we call the ‘self-compassion break.’ It’s almost like a little recipe,” she says. 

I absolutely love things which are small and doable to help ourselves to heal, to achieve goals, to reduce stress, and to develop happiness!

“According to Neff, there are three main components of self-compassion: mindfulness, kindness, and a sense of common humanity. And when you incorporate those three components into your everyday life, it can have remarkable effects. Take this 2010 study, for example: When participants wrote a letter to themselves (a paragraph of mindfulness, a paragraph of common humanity, and a paragraph of kind words) once a day for a total of seven days, they had a significant decrease in depression for three months and an increase in happiness for six months. “

There’s new research published by the National Academy of Sciences “How much money brings happiness according to Americans” which shows that the amount of money we earn DOES affect our overall levels of happiness, going against the old adage that money doesn’t make you happy. They state that the “trend of higher paychecks prompting better wellbeing scores, as people have the means to make their lives more comfortable”, but anyone who has been low income can tell you that there’s a host of issues with not earning enough, such as food insecurity, poor living conditions, transportation issues, health issues and lack of health care, as well as the constant stresses of not having enough money when even minor problems come up.

Achieving goals can have life and income changing effects, which in turn greatly help to reduce our stress levels and to increasing our life satisfaction levels!

I highly recommend starting to take baby steps to work towards a big goal you may have. If you feel triggered and a panic attack starts, take some time out to focus on just working through that, instead of allowing your old mental tapes to beat you up!

Remember this: you are worthy of living the life you envision for yourself! I believe in you!

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18 thoughts on “Baby steps serve a purpose to allow us to keep moving forward!

  1. This freshly reminds of a time when I was absolutely overwhelmed and lost. The words ‘Baby Steps’ were the most effective advice from a friend that pacified me to calm down and take life slow and still not feel stuck. There are so many things on our experiences that have a hold on us, that need to be worked through before our life work takes the shape of our larger life projects.

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