As you think so shall you be!

“As you think so shall you be!” Wayne Dyer

What we focus on becomes our reality and our truth!

It’s easy to find the negative in any situation, and if we choose to focus on that and ignore the positive, we see our world differently from people who choose to focus on the positive.

Focusing on the positive doesn’t eliminate the negative, it gives us strength and creativity to handle the negative, but if we focus only on the negative, we get overwhelmed and even depressed, so finding and implementing a solution feels like mission impossible!

How we choose to see life is related to how we see ourselves!

When we work on teaching ourselves about our worth, we become more optimistic, for our overall feelings are more positive!

I learned this first hand myself a few years ago, when I was struggling with many troubles and difficulties, from financial stress to severe health issues. The more I focused on the negative, the less I felt capable of handling everything and felt more and more overwhelmed.

When I decided to heal, I focused on teaching myself to like myself first, then to love myself. The idea of loving myself made me feel very uncomfortable, as I had come to believe the negative messages told to me in my youth.

As I worked on teaching myself to like myself, by telling myself believable positive messages, I found that my outlook was changing and becoming more positive.

As the inner process progressed I found my outlook was improving and my health issues started to get better too, as I wasn’t continuously pumping Cortisol into my system.

If you’re struggling and feeling overwhelmed, be patient and kind with yourself! Speak kind and encouraging words to yourself. Accept that you’re a work in progress, and that it’s okay to make mistakes, so you don’t need to beat yourself up over every little thing!

Our past does not equal our future!

You can teach yourself to like yourself too, and that will help you to change your outlook so it doesn’t feel like the world, God, people are all out to get you!

You are loved! You are cherished!

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