Be mindful, extremely selective and intentional about people you allow into your life.

“Be mindful, extremely selective and intentional about people you allow into your life. Not enough people are talking about how life-altering this is.” – S. McNutt

I discovered this truth when I removed myself from some toxic or hurtful relationships.

I used to think that I was OBLIGATED to keep up certain relationships, simply because of family or church ties. I had been told that I needed to keep those relationships going in order to be considered a good Christian. It was destroying my self-worth, my inner peace, and had hurt me so deeply I had arrived at the assumption that I wasn’t worth walking the earth or breathing the air.

That’s some serious level toxic and abusive behavior, from relationships which I tolerated and tried to sustain or even turn positive, all in the name of approval from people who imposed unhealthy expectations, in the name of being considered a good Christian.

What is un-Christian-like is to expect a victim of abuse to stay in their situation, continue to be abused, and tell them to “turn the other cheek”; this is in fact deeply unloving to the abused person.

When I removed myself from those relationships, both with the toxic or abusive people, as well as the church people who were using my need for approval to place unrealistic expectations on me, I discovered I was able to heal and to grow even more spiritually.

Valuing ourselves isn’t vanity or selfishness, but this act of love allows us to develop even more love for others around us!

Life is worth creating positive relationships! Life is worth making change for the better! Life is worth being mindful, extremely selective and very intentional about the people we allow into our lives!

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