The journey back to ourselves

The journey back to ourselves is the most magnificent!

As an adult we can lose pieces of ourselves over time and slowly become someone we don’t like or respect, so the decision to regain and recapture who we used to be evolves into a mindfully journey full of ups and downs as we put into practice what we learn.

If we’ve come from an abusive childhood, we don’t necessarily have any memory of who we used to be or have any clear idea of who we could be because we got caught up long ago in survival mode!

For us who have come from that, we may have developed a certainty that we cannot have a peaceful or happy soul because we didn’t know what that was. Yet I can tell you, we can do it!

Is it difficult? Yes, but not any more difficult than continuing to live in a current state of anxiety or depression!

What does it take to make that transition?

It takes time and effort to teach ourselves to develop a new outlook.

Start by finding positive quotes which inspire you and put them up on your walls to inspire new thoughts! Keep refocusing your mind when it tries to run back down that negative rabbit hole!

This is doable! Is it easy? No, it takes work but it’s very worthwhile and liberating!!

I’ve finished writing a new book about this, teaching what I have learned. Stay tuned for its release!

I won’t say to you “if I did it so can you”, but I will say it’s doable and possible for each of us! We’re each loved and cherished by the universe, and when we choose to set our on this path the universe sends us the teachers we need!

Keep going!!

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