My to-do list for today: 6 points to remember

My to-do list for today:
– count my blessings
– practice kindness (to myself too)
– let go of what I can’t control
– listen to my heart
– be productive yet calm
– just breathe

count my blessings

Sounds very corny, but I have found it works… if I approach it very mindfully, in order to try to focus on the positive and help my racing thoughts to calm down.

When it seems like everything is falling apart, there’s always something to focus on, even if it feels small and inconsequential in the moment.

That’s normal for our anxious brains to minimize the positive things and to amplify the negative ones.

It’s up to us to work on restoring things into perspective.

I find that working through the following steps to be very helpful too, and put together, they give me the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to restore my sanity in those utterly crazy, unforeseen moments.

practice kindness (to myself too)

Oooh, it’s sooo much easier to be kind to someone else isn’t it?

Being kind to ourselves, speaking gently, suspending judgement, treating ourselves well instead of poorly… those are all challenges when we feel crushed or have gone through difficulties.

This is something to keep doing, for if we’re crushed and falling apart inside, how can we show up to help anyone else or even to figure out how to live our lives?

let go of what I can’t control

It’s not just other people’s actions, but their words, their tone of voice which can cut us, We carry those wounds, they fester because they seem to show a betrayal of how one human should treat another.

We have no control over other people’s thoughts, how they interpret our actions, nor do they always have any idea of what we’re going through during those moments.

They can only interpret through their own lens, just as we interpret them through ours.

listen to my heart

Even when my heart hurts I need to listen to it, honor it by giving it space to figure things out, then honor myself by carrying through by doing what I know needs to be done, for the greater good.

be productive yet calm

Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Keep doing all the day-to-day things which need to be done, because those routines, those habits will help us get through.

Do what needs to be done, and if it’s hard to keep calm…

just breathe

Take a deep breath. Slowly. Breathe deeply.

Get outside and seek out some fresh air, it will help to breathe deeply!

Even opening a window helps to be able to breathe!

I feel blessed to be able to do all these things to help myself when I feel anxious. These things help me to feel grounded which in turn helps me get through whatever drama may be playing out at the time.

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