Look for that which you want to see

“Look for that which you want to see.” – Abraham Hicks

“What we see is what we get” isn’t the whole story.

We see what we focus on.

If we focus on the negative, that’s all we’ll see. The positive will be diminished or dismissed outright when we’re looking to see the negative in people or in a situation.

If we choose to focus on the positive, in spite of current circumstances totally sucking, our mindset opens to seeing the positive and even to seeing solutions.

If we choose to focus on the positive, we’ll remember that we got through dark times before.

If we focus on the positive, we’ll remember that the universe does love us and want us to be happy, even if certain people seem intent on convincing us otherwise.

If we focus on the positive, we’ll remember that the universe has worked hard to help us through previous situations, and is also currently working things out for us now!

Remember those coincidences and serendipitous things which happened in the past to help you along? That was the universe helping you!

When our faith feels very faint and our bodies feel weak, those are the moments we need to find something positive to focus on to help our minds see more positive things!

We need to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, even when it feels hopeless, for there is still a path ahead of us, even if it is very faint and we can’t see what we need to do next.

Keep going, doing the regular day-to-day things. Keep choosing to keep an open mind to seeing the positive.

A door will open; an opportunity will come; a new phase will start.

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