Appreciation for life reveals the eternal presence of love.

“Appreciation for life reveals the eternal presence of love.”

Harold W. Becker

As corny as love songs and Hallmark movies make it sound, LOVE really is the foundation of our world and the universe!

A huge shift in my healing path and in my very core happened when I changed my perspective of how God and the universe sees me.

For years I had been trained to think that God’s love for me was conditional on whether I was pleasing him or not. Yes, there was lip-service paid to God loving everyone, but in many churches a hierarchy is taught: if God is pleased with you he blesses you, and if he isn’t pleased, he punishes or corrects, which leads many followers and leaders to surmise that if a person is experiencing setbacks in any way, that it must be a result of God not being pleased!

My health issues and those of my daughter, both were attributed to God being displeased with me.

This had the unfortunate effect of plunging my already vulnerable and fragile psyche into deeper anxiety and depression, which further reduced my abilities to improve my health and my life to be seen as pleasing!

Not to mention the anxiety and the depression my daughter felt having been witness to how I was treated, and having listened to people blame my relationship with God, for her health issues!

Unfortunately, I saw this same scenario being played out in many other follower’s lives. The bathrooms would fill with men and women crying and upset during church services. Like me, many people left the churches, feeling unable to continue and unworthy of God’s love!

After I left the second fundamentalist church, I was a basket case, but I had intervention to help change my perspective on God and the Universe become re-oriented in my mind and heart!

I learned that they are based in love, and that everything that come from them is based and bathed in it! (It it is man’s limited interpretations which cause the spiritual suffering of so many people!)

My journey had me questioning what is love, and along this healing journey I had heard that the vibration of love is the same vibration of our planet, so I wanted to find out a little more about this!

Google “F note, played at a 528Hz frequency” for yourself! See my interesting results below by side-step!

A little side-step

I’m going to take a little step off speaking about LOVE, because one of the treatments I’m in the middle of trying out connects the two together, so please bear with me!

Lately my gut has been giving me severe problems , culminating with any food I eat triggering intense spasms in my lower intestine, so I have been working on restoring my gut health.

My daughter who has severe IBS told me about IBGard, something she has been taking for her own gut issues. I tried it, and it was working up to a point, but my gut was still giving me issues, so I decided I needed to do the work of resetting the bacteria in my gut to better digest the food I eat.

I drink a ginger and matcha tea in the morning to help with inflammation of my joints, and have added a ginger and jasmine tea in the evenings sometimes to further add to this effect.

Long-term stress of searching for a permanent job, coupled with aging and not being able to go for walks in the summer due to the extreme heat, seemed to create this health crisis I was experiencing, and even though I normally drink my tea and take CBD at night, my gut issues kept progressively getting worse until I could no longer ignore them without looking for additional help!

I Googled gut health and found a wealth of information regarding which foods can positively help with better gut health.

Google “gut bacteria and IBS” as well as “gut bacteria and mental health”, “gut bacteria and health”, you’ll be surprised at what you find regarding how probiotics (yogurt, etc.), prebiotics (fermented foods) help us!

I’m taking 2 probiotic capsules with each meal, as well as 2 IBGard capsules. For lunch I have a serving of brined (water and salt) sauerkraut with Tzatziki sauce for flavor and added probiotic benefits. you would think that the sauerkraut would give me severe gas but I found that it doesn’t! Additionally, I take a 15 mg capsule of CBD in the morning as well as 3 at night before sleep to help relax and heal my body. I’m also taking a Simethicone tablet before sleep to reduce any lingering gas to prevent more spasms. (When it was really bad before starting this regimen, I was taking one with each meal with little effect, as I was experiencing frequent pain.)

By following this regimen even after a couple of days the pain has completely gone away. Last night I feared I would have an incident at night as I felt a rumbling in the lower gut, but it never flared, for which I’m grateful!

Back to LOVE

I came across a very interesting article while browsing the web! I hope you’ll explore it too! Here’s the link: Does Love Have a Frequency?

“According to Albert Einstein, “everything is vibration.” This includes feelings thoughts and emotions. 

The answer is yes, there is a frequency of vibration which connects the heart to the nature of love. When this energy vibrates at this frequency, whether in the form of light or sound, it will evoke feelings of love and connection. This frequency, known as the “miracle” note, is the frequency of 528Hz.

Furthermore author Rose Marie Raccioppi reminds us, “Frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the genetic blueprint upon which life is based”

Thousands of years ago the ancient yogis, through their toning breathing techniques, realized that certain sounds affect the body and mind in different ways. They discovered that the vibrations of the F note, when played from various musical instruments, stimulated the heart chakra, opening it and allowing energy to flow freely through it. More recently, audio-therapist Dr. Lenoard Horowitz, in the 1930s, rediscovered the properties of the F note, realizing that this sound could be used to cure depressed patients. Despite his discoveries, the legitimacy of sound healing has not been accepted until more recent decades.

More than any other sound, the F note, played at a 528Hz frequency, resonates at the heart of all people. Independently confirmed by several researchers, the frequency of 528Hz was used by ancient healers and priests in the civilizations of Mesoamerica, Europe, and Australia.

In addition, the frequency of 528Hz is described by math scientist Victor Showell as being fundamental to the Pi and the Golden Mean evident throughout natural design; 528Hz is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring.

2018 study on the 528hz frequency showed that exposure to the 528hz frequency reduced total mood disturbances and had a direct effect on the autonomic nervous system. The study indicated that the 528hz frequency had significant stress reducing effect on participants.”

Musical therapy is very new to me, so I’m trying it out for myself to see how it may or may not help me!

As I type I’m listening to a YouTube video from Meditative Mind, called “528 Hz ⁂ ACTIVATE SELF HEALING & Positive Transformation | Solfeggio Sleep Music” I feel very relaxed as I listen!

I had heard about the frequency of LOVE being the same as the frequency of the pulse of the earth, but I really didn’t know how it could apply in my life outside of a tidbit of spiritual or esoteric knowledge. (For extra fun, Google why Solfeggio was banned!)

If you’ve gone to a spa or had acupuncture or massage therapy, you will no doubt find this music to be familiar! I’ve heard the music before but didn’t take the extra step to listen to it on my phone with earbuds, because it seemed too far out there for me, but I think having health issues opens us up to exploring other healing methods!

I’m choosing to use additional healing modalities to help myself. I do not want to turn to pharmaceutical drugs which deal with the symptoms, but don’t specifically address the root cause. Yes, I use a 24-hour allergy pill, Ibuprophen, and Simethicone, but I really don’t wish to add any more medications if a natural remedy will work for me!

I’m interested to experience how this particular vibrational music affects my physical health! So far I feel very peaceful and relaxed!

Please let me know if you have any experiences you wish to share or additional advice to give!

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