Accepting and Embracing the Depressed Side of Ourselves

It takes great courage to accept and even embrace the depressed part of ourselves!

Understandably Depression can rear its head when we go through tough times, but when it occurs during periods of time when “everything is going well” that makes it seem BAFFLING and so we REJECT it!

Please note: If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness, don’t take my words here as permission to remove yourself from your medication! This article isn’t speaking to clinical or chemical depression, but is talking about situational depression.
Depression is a signal our brains send us when something is out of alignment in our bodies and spirits, our very souls, so the work it takes to bring ourselves back into balance most likely will entail MORE than taking a pill!
I have come to observe that in many situations, the word MORE applies very well. I’ve come to see that IN ADDITION TO medications, looking inwards into our spirits can be extremely beneficial!
This article may touch something deep inside so that you may start the journey of self discovery to tap into the hidden recesses, where dreams, hopes and pain we’d rather not face, resides.
There isn’t ONE cause of depression, since it speaks to each of our lives in very individual ways.
Situational depression is easier to work on: change the circumstances and the spirit responds.

What if the roots of the depression go back to a long-ago situation?

When there are deeper, soul issues which need to be looked at in order that we can heal, grow and move forward,  our spirits will start to bubble these up to the surface when we’re less stressed and hence more able to look at them! So what feels like a huge negative is really a symptom! It’s the way our soul taps us on our shoulders and gently says “It’s time! I need to look at this!”
In our culture we have come to associate these periods with something very negative happening so we do our best to push it away, take pills, drink alcohol, do drugs, or ANYTHING rather than looking inwards to see WHAT is the ROOT of this might be!
Messages we’ve received about our unworthiness, our inabilities, etc can be so ingrained that in the good times we can be overcome with negative thoughts about ourselves!
You know the thoughts! “I really don’t deserve this good life!”, “I’m not worthy of good things!”, “I’m cursed!”, “Something bad will happen to those I love, so I refuse to tempt fate by being happy.”
Here’s a little secret! There may be only 1% truth in all that negativity!
So 99% of it is PURE NEGATIVE HYPE!
By grasping courage in our hands and looking at the 1% clearly, we can find our own personal solution!
Maybe we need to just accept ourselves, as being less than perfect? No one is perfect, no matter how good they are at projecting a smoke screen, so we can just STOP trying to be!

We ALL can IMPROVE! That’s HUGELY different! Baby steps are better than no steps, so, if all you can manage is a tiny baby step, then do it! After that, take another!

If that 1% is all about healing from past hurts and traumas, taking steps toward healing is a crucial part of our process!

Naturally, this article isn’t enough to heal anyone from depression… the purpose is to give encouragement to take those baby steps forward!

I’ve found that in my own journey with healing and dealing with my depressed thoughts is that truly there was only 1% truth to the internal negativity that was happening in my head! I focused on that tiny portion of truth and blew it up so that it became the enormous hammer I used to beat myself up with.

When I reached a point where I ACTIVELY worked on learning to ACCEPT and EMBRACE the depressed parts of me, I slowly withdrew my head from inside the shell I lived in, and learned that I’m a GOOD person, and that I really didn’t deserve to keep beating myself up!

Interestingly I heard that when we make a decision that WE HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH, we can start to leave all the old negative inner thoughts behind. We give ourselves permission to heal, to be happy, to let go of past hurts, because we’re WORTHY of love, respect and acceptance, both from ourselves and from other people!

Repeat: “I have suffered enough! I give myself permission to heal, to be happy, to let go of past hurts, because I’m WORTHY of love, respect and acceptance, both from myself and from others!”

This is HUGE!


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