“You’re wrong about that!”

How many times has it happened that you’ve been taught to do something a certain way and someone then does it differently and you blurt out “You’re doing it wrong!”

How many times have you heard a song or poem done with certain inflections and when someone else does it your brain rejects it because the rhythms you’re familiar with just aren’t there?  “You’re doing it wrong!” your brain screams!

How many times have you been sure of your facts and someone says something you’re sure is wrong and you’ve said “You’re wrong about that!” …only to be proven wrong later?

Just how DOES a person deal with this?

Well, it just might be that for certain things there’s more than one way of doing something and it’s just as valid as our way!

If we’ve gotten facts wrong which we were dead certain of, depending on what it is, it may not be set in stone! Many things change over the course of time, so what was correct years ago may have transformed into something else!

Keeping an open mind allows us to entertain new thoughts and new ways of doing things in life

Being mentally and emotionally flexible throughout our lives helps us to savor more of our experiences, instead of feeling the need to do battle to prove our point or to show other people we’re right!

It can feel HUMILIATING to feel we DON’T have the answers, so we might try to bluff our way through and then argue our point when we feel backed into a corner

It can feel DEMEANING to not know the answers or to admit that someone else’s ideas or ways are just as valid as ours!

Here’s a little secret:

In order to let go of that mindset: when we are open to new versions or ways, we need to know that people aren’t criticizing us inside of their heads, saying that we’re stupid for not knowing something! (Okay, some do! Most don’t!)

Shocking right? Let me repeat that!
People aren’t criticizing you for being open to something new!

That criticism lives inside of our brains and many times will become the force which builds strong walls inside of us, building on inner fears and preventing us from accepting newness in many forms into our universe!

It’s okay to accept that we don’t have all the answers, that we can still make mistakes… regardless of our age, that we can be right at the same time that someone else is right too!

It’s okay to release the latch locking the inner gates in our minds and become open to newness and change!

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