Yesterday is heavy. Put it down.

“Yesterday is heavy. Put it down.”

No matter what happened, our perception of it is usually far worse than the reality, because our emotions get involved.

When we get emotional, our brain gets clouded to see things clearly, and usually we attach a far worse outcome than what actually happened.

No photo credits , quote by Tamara Kulish

Just being aware of this is very helpful, right?

I know when I remind myself of this, tell myself to breathe, and let myself get a night’s sleep, the next day I usually see things much more realistically.

Putting everything into perspective helps me to see my next steps, because when my mind is clouded with strong emotions, I just can’t see any good solution!

Knowing this now has helped me to lay off my old habit of beating myself down with harsh words. I can give myself some breathing room, telling myself that when my emotions cool off I’ll get it figured out.

No photo credits , quote by Tamara Kulish

Beating ourselves up only makes our brains cringe inwardly, reducing our ability to cope exponentially!

Please keep this in mind for yourself!

You deserve to give yourself some space mentally and emotionally!

Whatever has happened, you will be able to deal with it and work it out far better when you approach it more peacefully!

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10 thoughts on “Yesterday is heavy. Put it down.

  1. I love the quote at the beginning – short and perfect! Emotions add unnecessary weight to situations and are stickiest to deal with. Once we learn to distance ourselves from the situation there is so much space available for different choices and perspectives.

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  2. This is quite insightful! Being a very emotional person, I tend to overthink stuff. Like you’ve said, I always imagine the worst outcome. I have been applying this technique in small doses and it feels much better. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😊😊 that’s wonderful to hear that this works for you too! I think we always feel encouraged when we see others applying techniques and seeing it works out! 😊

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