An authentic life does not require anyone else’s approval for your creative choices

“An authentic life does not require anyone else’s approval for your creative choices.” – Alan Cohen

You have the capacity to give yourself permission to make your choices and to live your life as authentically as you can!

I used to agonize what so-and-so would think of me, or worry that they wouldn’t like me if I did certain things, and to be honest, I received a lot of negative push-back from many people who disapproved of me choosing to paint and make art for the pleasure of doing it.

If I could make money from it, they’d approve, but they were so certain that they were trying to save me from the heartache of not being able to make money from it, not understanding that I needed it like I needed air, and because they didn’t understand that, they mocked me for thinking I was pretentious.

Being an artist is pretentious? Well maybe in some circles where art is seen as being for the elite, but I certainly didn’t fit with that circle. The perceptions were in their minds, not based on my actions!

It’s very difficult for many people to approve of someone who does something just for the love of it.

I puzzled over it for many years, felt very hurt at the lack of support I received from many, and struggled to live with something I needed to do, like needing air, yet I couldn’t give it up. I tried, but fell into depression, so I knew I needed to continue to do it even if I didn’t receive approval.

What I realized is this: women weren’t supposed to want to be writers or artists, at least back then, so we were all discouraged from doing it past adolescence. In fact, if we persisted, we were treated as stubborn adolescents!

So many women and men shoved their creativity aside and buckled down to be serious adults, earning a living and raising families.

What happens to people’s spirits when they cut off and stuff down something they need to do as part of their spiritual expression? The pain manifests as physical pain, mental health issues, anger issues, substance abuse issues, etc.

When we ask tell people to stop doing what their spirit requires them to do, we cripple people emotionally and they in turn perpetuate it with others, because that’s what they were taught IS THE WAY TO LIVE LIFE!

Well, I learned they’re wrong!

I learned that we each need to give ourselves permission to just be who we need to be, to express ourselves in ways which feels natural, authentic!

If during this quarantine time you’ve started to re-awaken those dreams and inner needs, then I encourage you to give yourself permission to continue with those activities which speak to your soul!

Continue to make space for who you really are! If not now, then when?

Give yourself permission to expand upon who you’re discovering yourself to be!

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