Nobody talks about this part… these are called growing pains. Part 2

Artist: Alexis Rakun

Nobody talks about this part…
You know, the part where you’re no longer a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly.
You don’t know who you are and you don’t now where you’re going.
All you know is that every fiber of your being is calling for transformation. For disruption. For a revolution of the spirit. So surrender. Break down.
This is not the death of you.
This is the dying of who you once were.
This is your rebirth darling.
And these are called “growing pains“.

Trust the process.

It’s as natural as every cycle in nature! It’s happened millions of times with countless people and will happen millions of times more!

Whatever hardships, difficulties we go through, they all have the power to transform us so we won’t stay the same as who we were before!

Nature is all about change! Nothing stays the same for long!

We’re a part of this grand life experience and are all being transformed.

We have two choices: to resist and fight it, or to go with the flow and see where we end up!

Choice 1: Resisting and fighting

In this mindset we’re at our most unhappiest. We’re struggling to hold onto the current status of our lives even if we’re deeply unhappy, mentally exhausted or at a breaking point.

We hold onto our troubles because the fear of letting them go can be overwhelming.

We fear that this might be as good as it gets for us! We fear that the next unknown may be worse!

We look at the worst case scenarios and envision ourselves landing there, so we fight to hold onto what may be slowly killing us or our spirits!

Choice 2: Letting go of the fight and going with the flow

This can mean many things for each of us, depending on what kind of struggle our lives are currently dealing with.

It usually means allowing ourselves to accept a) the things we cannot change b) allowing ourselves to trust the universe!

Shocking truths we discover

We struggle to hold onto things which may not be good for us many times because we’ve been explicitly told that if we leave we’re going to “end up in the gutter” or that “our lives will become worthless”.

I know, because I was told those very things.

I stayed in situations far longer than I ever would have had I not been told those things!

When the universe shook up my life and moved me out of those scenarios, I discovered a shocking and amazing truth!

NONE of what I had been told would happen did in fact come to pass!

Why didn’t it?

People who say those things are the ones in power, the ones trying to control both the situation and us.

They tell us those doom and gloom lies to make us fearful to leave or fearful of doubting them.

They derive their sense of power by keeping us there under their thumbs. They need us to stay there because they feel powerless in life without having someone to manipulate or abuse. It’s their own inner lack of worth and their own inner damage which keeps them locked into pulling their strength from controlling or abusing others.

Their lies aren’t our truth, however much they may work to convince us they are!

There’s other situations where we’re led to change, apart from leaving a controller or abuser.

Any situation where we’re not happy long-term, where we know inside of our spirits we don’t belong, is telling us that we can change our lives for the better.

Sometimes it needs a series of little tweaks to get our lives on the path we need, and other times it will take something more drastic.

No matter what your situation is, you have the power to change!

Change doesn’t always happen suddenly but it sometimes happens over a span of weeks or months.

I’ve learned that when we’re going through these changes, or growing pains, that just knowing that a) they’re normal and b) the universe is working out things on our behalf for our greater good!

Just knowing these 2 things allows me to feel calm and at peace even when a storm is around me.

I can consciously let go of my anxiety for my future, knowing it’s going to work out.

When the universe works things out, it doesn’t always fit in with our vision of how we see things!

Sometimes things seem to take a dark twist.

I’ve been through those times. Yet, when I look back at my life to see what came out of that time, I had to admit that something far better had come into my life, something I NEVER would have even thought would happen.

Hang in! Hang on! It’s going to work out because you’re open to seeing something new and open to doing the work to make it happen!

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