Never Stop believing in hope. Miracles happen everyday.

Kelly’s Treehouse

“Never Stop believing in hope. Miracles happen everyday.” – Kelly’s Treehouse

Below are some more wonderful thoughts to hold onto when going through a tough time. I know they helped me when I was struggling mentally and emotionally.

Everything can change in a minute!

Always believe that wonderful things can happen!

Things are being worked out for the best!

I wrote them out in notebooks, printed them, and hung them on my office walls, I even painted “Always believe that wonderful things can happen!” on my bathroom mirror a few years ago!

Struggling to have hope during times of difficulty is a real thing.

I found it was tied to how I felt about myself.

Back then I didn’t believe I was worthy of good things happening; I had come to believe I deserved all the struggles and the traumas I went through.

That really showed the level of inner damage I had sustained from internalizing the negative messaging I had received.

As you work on holding onto hope, please also practice starting to suspend inner judgment of yourself. Practice NOT saying the negative things you might tell yourself when you feel you’ve messed up!

Please also start to speak gently to yourself. Start to reassure yourself.

These are learned skills.

They may not feel natural at first, and maybe not for quite a while, but trust me, you need to hear positive things from yourself!

It will take practice, perseverance, and patience to keep at it until you start to feel okay about hearing yourself speak nicely to yourself!

You ARE worthy of hearing nice words! You ARE worthy of feeling better! You ARE worthy of feeling positive! You ARE worthy of good things happening in your life!

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13 thoughts on “Never Stop believing in hope. Miracles happen everyday.

    1. 🎶🌸🌸🎵🎶 believing in miracles help pull me through some very dark times I had. The sheer belief in them helped to give me hope that one day I would get through those difficulties… and they did!

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    1. 🥰🌸🌸🌸 oh my! I’m delighted! That was the intention I had in my heart when I wrote! Truly happy to have connected! 🌸🌸🌸

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    1. 🥰🥰🥰 thank you for your kind words! It is a challenge and a very challenging time we live in! I find writing my blog post each day is very grounding and helps me to focus on the positive so I don’t slide down rabbit holes of negativity!!


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