If you focus too hard on the problem, the solution can often evade you.

If you focus too hard on the problem, the solution can often evade you.

I’ve never done that, have you? *said with an ironic voice*

Before I learned to switch my prayers to prayers of thanks in advance, like many, I was taught to pray in detail about my problems and the solutions I was imploring God and the Angels to provide me with.

Note: For me prayers are common to all religions and spiritual beliefs, so please don’t get turned off when I speak of them!

The problem with how I used to pray is that it keeps us squarely focused on the problem.

Day after day we beseech in prayer, only to feel unheard.

When we feel unheard, we feel less important, or maybe not important enough to be heard!

I know went through that very negative self talk, which only had the effect of making my anxiety larger and my depression deeper.

We’re so limited by our thoughts, that we can’t imagine all the possible solutions to our problems, so we pray for an outcome which seems logical to us, unaware that there may be a better answer for us.

We get so caught up on focusing on that one solution that we are blind to other possibilities withing our grasp. If that one possibility we imagine as being the best solution doesn’t work out, we get depressed and feel abandoned by God.

What are prayers of thanks in advance?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve learned to pray prayers of thanks in advance.

I give thanks for all the help that is being given to me and my family in our daily lives, thanks for the help we’re receiving to resolve our problems, thanks for the blessings we receive and thanks for the lessons and growth we’re going through.

The biggest advantage of praying this way, without trying to pray for specific outcomes, is that I feel relaxed in the knowledge that God, the universe and the Angels are working everything out for our greater good and are taking into account far more things than I could think of.

By praying this way I’ve stopped feeling anxious about the future and the outcomes, I don’t feel abandoned when things aren’t seeming to go well and I don’t feel depressed than bad things are happening (because I’m too flawed for anything to work out).

Praying thanks in advance has helped me restore and to develop more of my faith, my positive sense of self worth, my hope, my satisfaction, and my peace of mind.

Positivity has replaced the anxiety and negative self-talk.

Think about this if you’d like to change the approach to how you pray: to go from focusing on the problem, to giving thanks for the solution, knowing that God, his Angels and the Universe love you and are working things out for your greater good!

This can be life changing!

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2 thoughts on “If you focus too hard on the problem, the solution can often evade you.

    1. 🌸🌸 I’m so happy to hear that! That was a HUGE paradigm shift for me as my experience in Christian churches were that don’t seem to teach this wonderful method! It’s made such an enormous difference for me! Were you taught how to pray this way or did you discover it for yourself?


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