Don’t be afraid to choose a different path than others!


“Don’t be afraid to choose a different path than others!”

It’s scary to step away from the crowd and choose a different path than what others see is right for you!

It can mean that others will confront you, questioning your sanity or audacity to walk away from the group; it can even be seen as being disloyal or appearing to want to be better than them.

Many people get very intimidated by the confrontations and the push-back they receive from people they’re close to, so they give in and do as they’re expected to in order to avert the negativity they’re experiencing.

Some people find satisfaction, even happiness by dropping their own individuality or choices and going along with what people seem to expect of them.

Other people spend the rest of their lives feeling resentful and angry about being pressured into giving up what they really wanted to do.

Their anger can turn inward and they drown out their feeling in alcohol or drugs, while other people turn their anger outwards to others.

In extreme cases their anger and resentment makes sure that no one else is “allowed” to follow their dreams either, for if they couldn’t do it, why should anyone else be allowed to?

Does this sounds like anyone you know, even possibly explain why they’re reacting the way they are?

I too struggled with many negative people in my life, discouraging me from many things which were part of my nature and abilities. I was scorned, talked down to, spoken harshly to, even faced retaliation!

It took a lot of inward work to reconcile myself with accepting myself, understanding that I didn’t fit in with who they wanted me to be, and learning to give myself the acceptance and permission I had craved from them.

We can spend a whole lifetime seeking acceptance and permission from others, and never receive it.

It’s important to accept ourselves for who we are and to give ourselves the permission we need!

It’s very possible that no one in your current group of family or friends will understand or approve.

They may not be able to until you’ve proven yourself a success to them!

Does this sound odd?

Unfortunately, sometimes we’re the only one to see the validity of our vision! Once we’ve accomplished what we set out to do other people will be able to see and understand it.

It will no longer be just “pie-in-the-sky” ideas!

I have proven myself to some of my biggest naysayers by just putting my head down and doing the work!

Everyone is capable of talking a convincing talk, but it is the doers who set the bar, who create their dreams!

Even a small step is still a step, because it takes many steps to reach our goals!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to choose a different path than others!

  1. Your post gives me a boost because I believe I have headed for major upgrades myself from where I think I have reached. It is so good to have you in company, for this process 🙂 You have clearly described almost every person I know and also grateful that I have gathered my own positive tribe too.

    Liked by 1 person

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