You get world peace through inner peace.

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“You get world peace through inner peace. If you’ve got a world of people who have inner peace, then you have a peaceful world.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Inner peace isn’t some Eastern mystical philosophy only attainable to those who study under a Guru or Yogi.

It doesn’t require attending expensive “master-mind” retreats. It doesn’t require paying thousands of dollars to travel to remote parts of the globe to attend an event recommended by your sister’s best friend’s step-aunt-in-law.

The average person can attain inner peace.

Each of us can do it, in the comfort of our own homes.

How do we attain inner peace at home, for ourselves, when there’s a whole industry devoted to creating experiences to make a person think it’s going to happen in 2 weeks for the low price of only $2,995.00??

How do we start our journey to Inner Peace?

Our journey to inner peace starts with healing the hurts from our pasts which have created our negative mindset, which have created the anger and the anxiety which shapes and colors our thoughts.

Our journey to inner peace isn’t going to happen in a set time-frame, so don’t devote your 2 week annual vacation to it thinking that at the end of it inner peace will reside in your heart!

Our journey is going to take time.

There’s no quick fix, because it’s going to take healing from the past damage, learning new thought patterns and putting them into practice.

Sound daunting? Does it sound like it’s just going to take too long to accomplish, so why bother trying?

What if I told you your life is going to pass by anyway? Why not commit to trying (and to keep trying when it gets hard) to get to where you want to be?

Think of inner peace as the end product of doing the work, because it’s true, inner peace does seep into our hearts when we do the work!

Let me repeat what the work is:

  • Mindfully committing to healing from past hurts and traumas which have created damage to our spirits, which in turn has created a negative mindset, anxiety and anger,
  • Learn new positive thought patterns,
  • Put these into practice.

I have 2 books and a few journals which can help you on your journey, plus many blog posts designed to give you a little nugget each day.

I suggest starting small, to not get overwhelmed. Keep a journal to write out your thoughts, your emotions, your triggers and your aha’s.

By starting small and being consistent with your efforts, you’re going to make progress. Even if you do just a little each day, you’re going to be accumulating knowledge, skills and healing.

This type of work is cumulative.

It may not feel like a lot is going on inside, but creating new Neural Pathways and using them frequently enough so the old ones fade away, takes time!

When I was working through my own healing I felt overwhelmed and sometimes felt stuck. I kept picking myself up because I had a goal of working towards inner peace, as I was tired of feeling anxious and depressed.

There is no set path to your inner healing! There are many ways for you to achieve it, so don’t feel stressed that you may be doing it wrong!

In my books I speak of approaching it intuitively, which means to go towards the things you feel the greatest connection and feel most drawn to.

Your journey is unique to you, so the things which seem to help you the most, may not connect with a close friend, sibling, spouse or co-worker! I know this may seem disappointing to hear, but their journey is their own, no matter how similar your stories!

Trust that your spirit knows instinctively what you need to heal, so when you feel a strong connection to a particular aspect of your healing, go with it!

Connect with people who support your desire to change!

Temporarily disconnect from those who don’t (you will decide down the road if this disconnection needs to be permanent).

Join online support groups on Facebook. Follow people who have inspiring messages for you.

Surround yourself with the positive messages you want to absorb and learn!

You are a worthwhile person, worthy of inner peace!

You are loved and cherished, and the universe will conspire to send you many teachers once you commit to this for yourself!

Blessings to you if you are thinking of starting something new in your life!

May you receive the help you need, to help you in wondrous ways!


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5 thoughts on “You get world peace through inner peace.

  1. That quote made me smile as I remembered – when I was a young girl, I had this profound thought that there won’t be any wars and such if all the kids got the love they need at home, they would be at peace and then bring a lot of peace in the world. It took a long journey after that to stumble through life and find a conscious way of inner cultivation and living, and as you say it is ongoing.

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    1. Yes, I felt that way even into adulthood! It was difficult to see the reality. We have many hurt and damaged people in the world who continue to wreak chaos in others lives. I wish it were as “simple” as providing loving homes for all children but now I think it goes beyond that.

      I believe it’s up to each of us to work on our own healing to heal our relationships and families. We’ve all been broken and damaged in some way. Enlightenment is realizing this and setting out to not only heal the damage but to work on creating a peaceful heart. To me enlightenment isn’t about knowing all the esoteric knowledge of the world, but learning the skills and tools to heal. First we start with ourselves!

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