All of these journals are designed to help you focus your thoughts and writing on one issue by answering guided questions. You will see your patterns and and by completing the questions at the end of each journal, you will be able to work out your personal action plan to move forward!

“Anger Journal” – Tamara Kulish

My best selling Journal!

Sometimes we need a healthy place to release emotions which tie our mind and heart up in knots!

Available in Full-size (8″ x 10″) or pocket size

This full size journal goes with you so you can have it on hand for those tough moments when you might want to tear someone’s head off, but REALLY want to handle your anger in a healthier way!

There’s plenty of pages to write, along with helpful prompts, and place to write out lessons learned from those moments.

This is more than a notebook… it’s a tool, not only to release those difficult emotions, but to actively work on finding solutions! This journal can help you see patterns of thought and behavior, to help you find solutions!

I recommend using the Joy Journal in conjunction with this journal to find balance in your life!

“Removing Inner Blocks Journal” – Tamara Kulish

When we’ve gone through emotional and/or physical traumas, the internal damage can deeply affect us and act as barriers to our forward advancement or work against us subconsciously to sabotage our efforts, in spite of strong efforts in the beginning.

WHY would this happen to people who have otherwise set their foot on the path to success?

Earlier events in our lives leave a range of imprints which then act as our internal tapes discouraging us from attaining our aspirations. Unless we recognize how we’ve been affected, the work towards positivity and wholeness can feel superficial. Interestingly, our bodies process all our emotions, so when we pay attention to how we feel physically, we can connect with buried thoughts and emotions!

This Journal has been created as a tool to help you work through this process!

“Joy Journal” – Tamara Kulish

Much has been said about keeping a Gratitude Journal, but what happens when life is so stressful that it’s hard to feel grateful even for little things?

Available in Full-size (8″ x 10″) or pocket size

It’s much easier to notice little moments of joy… however, it’s also easy to later have those moments overshadowed by negatives which pop up.

Keeping track of the things which bring us Joy help us to see the many small things which can add up to a greater whole! It’s helpful to later pull out the journal and have something positive to read to uplift our spirits!

This full-size journal has plenty of space for recording those tiny fleeting moments which can easily be overlooked in the stress of the day! Like drops in a bucket, Joy adds up in our hearts, and we cherish those moments!

Seeing what brings us joy, seeing patterns, helps us to find new directions! I recommend using the Anger Journal in conjunction with this journal to find balance in your life! By doing your Overview, you’ll be helping yourself to consciously choose more joyful experiences which will help make your life more meaningful!

“My Boundaries Journal” – Tamara Kulish

This Journal is designed to help you develop stronger boundaries in your life, to no longer accept the bad treatment from other people and to help develop the inner vision to see where changes need to be made!

There is a daily entry section as well as different sections designed to work together as a whole, which you return back to time and again to write in new insights and results! The Overview at the end is helpful to track personal progress!

“The only people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the people who were benefiting from you having none!” – Unknown

“My Thoughts: a fun style journal!” – Tamara Kulish

Let’s face it, writing in a journal isn’t always fun! This full size journal has been created for people who like to do things a little bit differently!

Available in Full-size (8″ x 10″) or pocket size

Sometimes life can be difficult! Here’s a friendly space to write your feelings and thoughts, to get them out of your head! When you get them out, sometimes it’s much easier to then talk about them! Of course, they can stay right here if you choose!

What one big difference? There’s no lines! Some people like to write straight across, while others prefer to write on a slant or even in a circle! You decide! Mix it up if you want to!

“Intuition Journal” – Tamara Kulish

Learning to trust our intuition starts with noticing what happens when we listen!

Our Intuition acts as our internal guide. Before science got involved, Intuition was seen as very “Woo-Hoo!”, not to be trusted. Intuition is now understood to be our subconscious receiving subtle signals through our different senses and processing them faster than our conscious mind can!

Developing our intuition is possible by learning to listen to it! This journal is designed to capture the series of examples and proofs your mind needs! As you see for yourself what happens in your life, you will learn to trust it deeper, which in turn allows it to become stronger! This full-size journal has plenty of space for recording those moments which can easily be overlooked and forgotten!

Seeing example after example in your Intuition Journal is helpful both in developing your intuition and to help get you past moments of doubt!

Once you have filled the book, be sure to use the last couple of pages to look over what you wrote to create your Overview! By doing your Overview, you’ll be helping yourself to consciously expand your understanding of how listening to your intuition helps you in your life!

“My Travel Journal” – Tamara Kulish

Off to see the world? Or a part of it?
This Travel Journal will help you record (and remember) those Big and little moments!

Traveling is fun! Many times when we look back on our travel adventures, we remember the little moments better! Why? We get to see things about ourselves or friends and family that make us smile and laugh long after the moment is gone! The unexpected has a way of making the happiest of memories! Suitable for kids or the Big Kid in you!

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