Affirmation: Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health. Loving myself heals my life.

Angie K K

“Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.
Loving myself heals my life.
I nourish my mind and soul.
My body heals quickly and easily.”

Do words have the actual power to change us? To heal us?

According to Quantum Physics, our thoughts and words DO affect our environment!

Just do a little observation: observe people who watch and listen to angry and inflammatory speeches or news segments… they themselves get stirred up and become angry.

Likewise, people who listen to calming talks usually feel much calmer.

What we listen to affects us. It affects our mind so profoundly that it can change our own moods and our own thoughts.

Our thoughts affect our bodies.

When we’re angry or upset, our Adrenaline starts to pump, our Amygdala gets engaged and our body produces Cortisol.

These chemicals have been shown to negatively affect our bodies and to even create health problems. That’s why when people suffer from high blood pressure, heart issues, etc., the doctors advise to learn stress management.

One of the best ways we can implement stress management is to limit our exposure to the people or situations which trigger us to become anxious, angry, etc.

Stop watching news stations where the newscasters or the stories trigger us. Stop clicking on sensational or controversial news headlines.

Stop re-posting, re-sharing, re-tweeting, those inflammatory memes and articles, as you’re just paying forward more anxiety and anger!

What to do instead?

Find positive Facebook groups to join where people share good news! Seek out positive news stories and share those! Share positive memes!

Find positive affirmations which uplift you, inspire you and encourage you!

If the words of the above affirmation may not feel natural for you to say… that’s okay!

There are many positive affirmations,memes and quotes which may resonate much more within you.

Find the ones which resonate with you, the ones which make you smile and feel relaxed.

Those are the ones to surround yourself with right now! Next month others may resonate with you as your thoughts change.

Save the memes and quotes to your wallpaper, write them out, put them up in your office! Surround yourself with the words which help you connect with feeling calm, positive, hopeful and relaxed.

These emotions and feelings are going to help create the inner environment to allow your body and mind to heal and to feel better!

We dismiss the power of positive words as being too “airy-fairy” yet we will acknowledge the destructive power that anger and stress has on our health!

If one side of the coin is true, doesn’t it stand to reason that the other will be too?

I’ve mentioned Quantum Physics proving that our thoughts and words having an effect on our environment. This means that OUR words and thoughts have an effect on US!

Speaking and thinking positively may not feel comfortable and natural at first.

That’s because our Neural Pathways for negative or angry thoughts have become so ingrained and well-worn that any deviation from those results in the brain almost forcing itself onto the path it knows.

To start thinking and feeling positive we need to create new Neural Pathways.

At first it will feel unnatural, but with time those pathways will get stronger and stronger, while the other negative pathway will become weaker and weaker.

“When I know better, I do better.” – Maya Angelou

Let’s make a shift to the positive, for our own mental health and physical well-being!

Blessings to you if you are thinking of starting something new in your life!

May you receive the help you need, to help you in wondrous ways!


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5 thoughts on “Affirmation: Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health. Loving myself heals my life.

    1. I feel the same way about my life! When I was unconscious of the words I used to myself and about my life, I was at my most anxious and unhappiest. After I became aware, the changes I was making were making huge differences in me, my relationships and my life. I truly believe that this is a crucial turning point for each person on this planet!

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