One day you wake up and realize you are truly happy from deep within your soul.

“One day you wake up and realize you are truly happy from deep within your soul. You realize that there is not a person, place or thing that can take away your happiness. You realize that no matter what you encounter in life you will not lose who you are. This is the day you have “arrived”. Love yourself first my friend and all of life falls into place.”

I came across this meme and wanted to share it with you because that’s exactly what happened to me.

Can it happen for you too?

My happiness came after I had worked hard on my inner healing and after teaching myself to first like and then to love myself. My happiness was a by-product of that hard work, to unlearn and leave behind the lies I had internalized about myself, the lies told to me by my primary abuser and by others who seemed happy to mistreat me.

Happiness can be developed, it’s not just a fleeting emotion but something which can be mindfully built layer by layer.

My new manuscript hasn’t been published yet, but I can tell you it’s a blueprint of what I did, so you too can follow in those steps. Warning: it’s hard work! Hard work which is so worth it!

Teaching ourselves to heal and to love ourselves is hard because those lies have sunken deeper roots into our spirits than we realized, but the rewards are precious!

Happiness is a gift we give ourselves, a gift which comes from the hard work! Proverbially, people have climbed up steep mountains seeking wisdom to find happiness, but in reality, the mountain we climb is inside of us. From the deep pit of despair, up into the warm gentle sunshine where we can choose to live!

Today start by speaking kindly to yourself, for you are loved and cherished by the universe!

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