There are two types of tired: one that requires rest, and the other that requires peace.


“There are two types of tired: one that requires rest, and the other that requires peace.” – Unknown

I’ve been doing a lot of organizing of my stuff which has me feeling physically tired at the end of each day. That’s a kind of tired that a bath, a good meal, and a good night’s sleep takes care of.

The other kind of tired, feeling emotionally tired or wrung out really needs all of the above self-care, plus a heaping helping of peace and quiet.

When I find I’m feeling emotionally stressed out I do my best to get out into nature to take a nice long walk. I find feeling the breeze on my face, smelling the forest smells (or at least a few trees), feeling my feet on the ground, is so restorative.

While walking I’ll take the time to pray as well.

I used to pour my heart out, beseeching God to help me with my problems, asking for strength, wondering WHEN things were going to get better.

After I had changed my prayer methods to thanking God, Jesus, and my Angels for all their help and blessings, I felt so much better! I felt relieved and felt I had more of a “knowing” that I’d get the help I needed because I was focusing on being thankful for all the things I saw going well or working out!

The lesson I learned was by switching my focus to the positive, I was able to see the positive! When I was praying in great detail for help with the negative, my focus was so strongly on the negative that I had difficulty seeing where things were starting to shift!

I find my recuperation time emotionally is much faster now that I’ve changed my whole approach to not only looking for the positive, but praying thankfully.

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