5 Daily Reminders: Say these to yourself in front of a mirror!

5 Daily Reminders: Say these to yourself in front of a mirror!

  1. I am amazing!
  2. I can do anything!
  3. Positivity is a choice!
  4. I celebrate my individuality!
  5. I am prepared to succeed!

How does each affirmation make you feel? Do you feel okay with #3, but struggle with the others? Do you feel uncomfortable saying these words to yourself, let alone in front of a mirror?

Or do you say them easily and with a smile on your face?

How we react when we say kind, affirming words to ourselves is a window into how much we like ourselves.

If we struggle to say the words we have work to do to teach ourselves to like ourselves! I understand, a few short years ago I couldn’t say those words to myself without cringing, stumbling over the words or being able to say them barely above a whisper lest anyone hear and disagree with me!

Start slowly with affirmations if they make you feel uncomfortable. Close your eyes and say them quietly to yourself.

When you feel stronger, open your eyes and say them. Lastly, say them to yourself in front of a mirror!

Why bother with such nonsense you may ask?

When we feel better about ourselves, we see the world and our place in it more positively. We see our problems as challenges we know we have the skills to handle, rather than feeling overwhelmed and that the universe is out to get us!

When we feel better about ourselves our minds are free to explore new possibilities and solutions, instead of editing them, telling ourselves that we can’t possibly do that great idea, someone else can, but not us.

When we feel better about ourselves, we dare to dream bigger dreams, knowing that we can do them. If we don’t currently have the skills, we know we can learn them!

When we feel better about ourselves we’re more likely to finish what we start, instead of giving up in despair or discouragement.

Just because we’ve come from a place of being beaten down by life, doesn’t mean we’re meant to finish last!

By teaching ourselves to feel better about ourselves, we gain confidence to achieve our dreams!

You are amazing!
You can do anything!
Positivity is a choice!
Celebrate your individuality!
You are prepared to succeed!

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    1. Yes they do! I attest to them in my life too! I used to think of them as lame new Age stuff, but was amazed at how they worked good in my spirit!

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