I hope the next pandemic is ‘world love’ and may it spread like wildfire.

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“I hope the next pandemic is ‘world love’ and may it spread like wildfire.”

In order to achieve world peace it would be very helpful if each person would develop an inner sense of liking themselves as well as working on healing their inner damage from their own pasts.

People who are comfortable living in their own skin and aren’t a bundle of raw hurt, don’t go around hurting others!

Hurt and damaged people hurt others.

People who are angry are also in pain, mentally and emotionally. They’ve been hurt, betrayed, disillusioned, and damaged from what they experienced, and haven’t had an opportunity to heal.

Healing is tough. It’s work. It takes time and isn’t accomplished on a single weekend retreat!

When people hurt others with words and actions, they’re venting out and pouring out what’s inside of them.

A beautiful way to help another person to work on their healing is to suspend judgement of them!

Instead of labeling someone negatively and treating them accordingly, what if we were to suspend judgement of them, suspend the need to “put them in their place”, suspend the need to retaliate, and instead watch and listen to what they may need!

There is so much fear in many people; there is a lot of anger; some of those emotions are a direct result of living through these times we’re going through.

However, with a lot of people, that was the extra torrent of rain which broke the dam, already weakened from struggling for years with PTSD, mental issues and emotional damage from the past.

If you’re in a situation where your anger flares up, practice “blowing out the candles”, which is taking a deep breath in, and then strongly blowing out the air. Do this 3 times.

It should help to calm the breathing and help to reduce the rising emotions.

Do it again another 3 times, as necessary.

Better to do breathing exercises than to do or say something regretful!

Venting may feel good in the moment, but it’s very damaging to both the giver and the receiver.

It’s obvious why it’s damaging to the receiver, but venting keeps the person doing it in a state where their Amygdala is in control of the brain.

We don’t feel good when our lives are controlled by anger and fear!

Something as small as “blowing out the candles” can create a change in the inner wiring of the mind!

“LOVE” can take many forms. Being gentle and kind with one another, being slow to anger, being neighborly and extending a hand, these are all things which don’t take a lot of effort on our parts, but which will help us repair individuals, families, and communities!

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18 thoughts on “I hope the next pandemic is ‘world love’ and may it spread like wildfire.

  1. I came straight from Pragalbha’s post and absolute happy to see so much value in what you write Tamara. The pandemic of love is what we need as humans and healing. True, we are broken as humans and that’s why we harm others in some way. We are all broken as human beings.

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting! I appreciate that you followed your inspiration! I agree that weโ€™re all broken in some way, but hopefully as we learn to understand that point we can all develop more compassion for each other! Compassion is easier to show when we feel an inner connection to another person!

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